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ATM: Tahche’s 11th Anniversary Gala — Filipino Glitz and Glam Take Center Stage

Cebu City, Philippines (Sept. 29, 2023) –- Everyone is buzzing with excitement. Happening right now is the Tahche 11th Anniversary gala! This year’s theme, “Filipino Glitz and Glam,” promises an electrifying evening filled with grandeur, entertainment, and unparalleled excitement.


The event commenced with a heartfelt prayer of gratitude and the resonating notes of the national anthem, setting the stage for a night that would be etched in everyone’s memory. Opening remarks from our VIP guests were also shared to an eager crowd.



Vicky Francois, the beloved Vice President for Special Projects, Tersus executives, and Bryan Luoma, Tahche’s charismatic CEO himself, stepped up to the mic with a burst of energy that ignited the crowd’s anticipation.


But the real showstopper of the evening is the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” competition. Tahche’s finest talents from client teams and internal departments are currently taking the stage by storm, each one aiming for the coveted title of Tawag ng Tanghalan Grand Champion.



From soulful serenades to electrifying rock performances, their talent knows no bounds. With solo acts ranging from two to four minutes, it’s a musical showdown of epic proportions.


Hold your breath because the top three contenders from the first round will compete later tonight to deliver a spine-tingling medley of songs from their chosen artists, pushing their limits in a performance that lasts a heart-pounding five to seven minutes. This segment promises goosebumps and standing ovations aplenty!



But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there. In between the jaw-dropping performances, the crowd’s adrenaline will spike tonight with the upcoming raffles! To happen in between performances, the gala will have employees on cloud nine with exciting prizes.


The grand finale of the evening promises to be nothing short of a fireworks display of talent. The Tawag ng Tanghalan winners will be crowned, Bryan Luoma, the CEO of Tahche, will take the stage to deliver a speech that’s sure to inspire everyone in the room, and milestone employees will bask in the spotlight for their years of dedicated service. 


Finally, the grand raffle will unveil the luckiest employee of the night while the fashion-forward attendees will eagerly await the announcement of the best-dressed employees, adding a touch of glamor to the gala.


As the curtains come down on this spectacular event, Amylene Sy, Tahche’s Country Manager, will deliver closing remarks.


The Tahche 11th Anniversary Gala, with its “Filipino Glitz and Glam” theme, isn’t just an event; it’s an electrifying experience. It’s a night that promises to ignite passions, celebrate achievements, and unite the Tahche family in a blaze of glory. 


The night is still young. So get ready for an unforgettable evening ahead!

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