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Why should I choose Tahche?

Tahche utilizes the highest global standards in acquiring employees that best fit your business needs. Our Founder and CEO, Bryan Luoma, and the rest of the management team were born and raised in the US and understand the ins and outs of the business. We have been working with small and medium-sized companies in the US since 2012 and have a proven track record in recruitment process outsourcing and remote employment and facilities management.

What can Tahche do for me?

Tahche’s team of experts can manage different aspects of your business operations, such as recruitment, legal compliance, contract management, administrative services, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, etc.

How do I build my offshore team?

1. Fill out the sign up form and include your specific requirements to let us know what exactly you’re looking for.
2. We will contact you to schedule a discussion about the positions you need to fill and the step-by-step process of building your offshore team.
3. Terms will be provided.
4. We will take care of it from here and begin building your team in the Philippines!

Is my data and information secure?

All your personal and business information are kept private unless otherwise stated. We will issue and sign a non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality notice.

Where is Tahche located?

Tahche is located in Cebu City, Philippines. Our employees are based in the Philippines while the management team is based in the US.

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