Full Cycle Recruitment

We conduct consultation meetings, we initiate employee search, job postings and screening assessments.

Employee Hiring

Tahche will continue to screen the candidates and provide feedback based on your review of those shortlisted candidates through our process.

Office Space & Equipment Procurement

We provide the office space options including customizing desks, tables, cubicles, meeting rooms, IT needs, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We enjoin our employees to participate in opportunities and share our blessings to the community we live in.

Our Process

With TAHCHE you are in complete control of your employees and your office.  You decide on salaries, bonuses, work hours, etc. We will provide guidance but you’re the one in charge.  Do you want entry level workers? Do you want high level employees with a decade of experience working with US or Australian companies?

At TAHCHE you make the final hiring decisions for your company. Additionally, our team provides legal, accounting, office space, equipment procurement and other services necessary for an office in the Philippines.

Work with our outsourcing experts so you can work on your business instead!

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