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Tahche Brings Hope to The Missionaries of Charity in Q1 2024


Cebu City, January 29, 2024 — In a continuation of their commitment to community well-being, Tahche, led by CEO Bryan Luoma together with his wife Delores Luoma, returned to charitable efforts on January 29, 2024. Following a successful donation drive and visit to Gasa sa Gugma in December 2023, the Tahche team extended their support to the youth and elderly residents of The Missionaries of Charity in Brgy. Suba, Cebu City.



Tahche’s Country Manager, Amylene Sy, took a hands-on approach as she hosted the event and made sure everyone was entertained. 


The Tahche team’s new batch of donations ranged from essential food items and hygiene essentials to children’s diapers, milk, clothes, slippers, medicine, and vitamins, aimed to bring comfort and support to those under the organization’s care.



Beyond the material donations, Tahche’s engagement took a personal and heartwarming turn. CEO Bryan Luoma delivered an inspiring speech, dedicating words of encouragement and solidarity to the residents. He even joined the team in providing engaging activities, like coloring books, for the children, as well as in serving a delightful lunch to everyone. 


An atmosphere of warmth, love, and shared humanity was present that day.


Capturing the essence of Tahche’s commitment to community welfare, this event not only worked towards positive change but also to foster a culture of compassion and support.


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