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The Chaos of a Multi-Platform Recruitment Process and How to Fix It


Hiring the right employee requires going through many processes. You need to create a job description, post on multiple websites, interview candidates, do background checks — the list goes on and on and on. The struggle is even more amplified, since often, each process needs to be done on a different platform. Imagine having to do this when you’re hiring remote employees, dealing with a different market that’s more familiar with other platforms than those you are used to.


It’s absolute chaos. And an unstructured hiring process that lacks focus and accuracy risks oversights and waste of time. 


TAHCHE: A Transformative Solution



In 2024, Tahche will be introducing a transformative solution – TAHCHE, an all-in-one platform accessible on both mobile and computer for businesses and professionals alike.


TAHCHE will streamline and improve the offshore recruitment and team management experience for businesses by keeping the processes involved within a single platform, and by providing a user-friendly interface where each piece of information is logically organized and easily accessible. TAHCHE will offer a unified approach ensuring that every step, from candidate selection to contract management, is effortlessly done within the platform.


The benefits of TAHCHE also extend to Filipino professionals. In the TAHCHE ecosystem, Filipino employees will have a platform to connect with international businesses and get matched with international opportunities befitting their skills, experience, and preferred work setups. This not only enhances their professional journey but also fosters a global community of talent exchange.


As businesses navigate the storm of multi-platform chaos, Tahche stands as a beacon of simplicity and efficiency. The platform not only addresses the challenges of recruitment but also envisions a collaborative space where international businesses and Filipino professionals come together for mutual growth and success.


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