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Tahche Brings Back Banilad Elementary School Building’s Former Glory with ESG Initiative


April 18, 2024, Cebu City, Philippines—In a display of community spirit, Tahche orchestrated a remarkable transformation at Banilad Elementary School. The historic Gabaldon Building that has stood tall for over eight decades, as well as several classrooms, now boast a new coat of paint, bringing them back to their former glory that’s able to inspire young minds to flourish.





But this endeavor was more than just a cosmetic makeover. It carried strategic significance. As the host of the CVIRAA 2024—the official qualifying meet for Central Visayas in preparation for the prestigious 2024 Palarong Pambansa—Banilad Elementary School needed to be primed for excellence. The gold medalists from this event would represent the region on the national stage, underscoring the importance of a conducive learning and training space.



The event drew a constellation of luminaries. Tahche volunteers, led by CEO Bryan Luoma, graced the occasion. Luoma’s impassioned speech resonated with the audience, emphasizing education’s pivotal role in shaping the next generation of professionals. Vicky Francois, VP for Special Projects at Tahche (including Tahche Studios), graced the event with her presence, as did Will Ralph, an executive from Tersus, who brought along his dedicated team to boost efforts. Together, they embodied a collective commitment to education and community upliftment.



In a gesture of unwavering support, Tahche Studios—the fashion arm of Tahche—announced its sponsorship of the Banilad Elementary School tennis team’s uniforms. This move solidified the partnership between Tahche and the school, reinforcing their shared vision of empowering young learners.



Beyond the paintbrush strokes and uniform sponsorships, this event etched a lasting bond. Tahche’s commitment to education now intertwines with Banilad Elementary School’s legacy, promising ongoing collaboration and a brighter future for all involved. Together, they’ve not only transformed walls but also ignited dreams.


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