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Meet Tim – Tahche’s New HR Operations Manager!

21 October 2022 – CEBU CITY, Philippines – Tahche is proud to announce that Fatima “Tim” Soberano joined the organization as the new HR Operations Manager! Tim will be leading Tahche’s team of Human Resources (HR) professionals in ensuring the company’s employees continue to love being part of their respective clients and Tahche. She will be overseeing employee relations and support processes, and promoting employee wellness and happiness. 


Tim can pass as a millennial at first glance when you meet her, but she has decades (yes, plural) of People Management and Organizational Development under her belt. She honed her expertise in building world-class organizations with multinational corporations across different fields such as construction, mining, transportation, logistics, outsourcing, and services industries.



“It doesn’t feel like work when you spend each day doing what you love. I’m a round peg for that round hole in Tahche.”  Tim excitedly shared after her initial foray into seeing what is working well, the challenges, and areas for improvements ahead (which can make others shrivel).  “I wanted to join Tahche after seeing its commitment to client care and employee welfare. The recent SSS Top Employer award cemented that fact. What Tahche stands for is very much aligned with my interests, competence, and personal values,” she added.   


Tim is a rare combination of a cool head and a warm heart. As an Industrial Engineer by profession, she has a naturally logical approach to problem-solving and processes building for organizational development. As a mother of three boys who regularly partake in their art activities, singing, and movie marathons, she deals empathically with team members and employees making them feel heard and understood no matter what their concerns are.  


The entire Tahche team is excited to have Tim onboard! Everyone is looking forward to the tremendous impact she will have in continually improving how the organization serves its employees and clients alike. As the company continues to grow, challenges and opportunities will also evolve, and Tahche is confident that Tim will not only be the round peg but also be the tetrahedron peg when the need arises.  

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