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Tahche Crosses the Finish Line in Cebu Marathon 2024

CEBU CITY, Philippines, January 15, 2024 — Over 80 spirited members of the Tahche tribe laced up their running shoes and hit the pavement at the Cebu Marathon 2024, held at SM Seaside City last January 14, 2024, Sunday. 


The Tahche Philippine management, support teams, and client employee volunteers united for the love of a good run and a show of athleticism. The marathon, featuring distances of 42k, 24k, 12k, and 6k, catered to a diverse range of runners, from casual enthusiasts and first-timers to seasoned marathon veterans.



One of the highlights of the race was its path that traversed the iconic Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), the longest and tallest bridge in the Philippines. This added a scenic and challenging element to the marathon. With it, the Tahche tribe showed off their ability to conquer heights both metaphorically and literally.



At the event,Tahche runners sported vibrant Tahche running jerseys and caps, creating a sea of blue, yellow, and white, representing Tahche unity amidst the runners from different locations and organizations. 

Everyone had a great time running (others walking) towards the finish line. Making the event especially memorable is the fireworks show that lit up the early morning sky before sunrise. Popular marathon personalities also graced the streets, including ‘Duster King,’ known for running long marathons across the country wearing a duster, with no shoes on, and holding props to entertain the crowd. 



The Cebu Marathon 2024 served as more than just a physical challenge; it was a bonding journey for the Tahche tribe, proving that they can run towards their goals together both inside and outside the office.



The race, hopefully the first of many, reinforced Tahche’s commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values not only professional growth but also personal well-being. The overwhelming participation of Tahche employees in the Cebu Marathon 2024 exemplified the company’s belief in the power of collective effort and shared accomplishments.


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