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Tahche’s General Manager Named as an IT-BPM Industry Ambassador

Here’s good news!


Amylene Sy, General Manager and Business Process Expert, has been selected by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) as one of the IT-BPM Industry Ambassadors. As such, she will provide assistance in promoting the IT-BPM industry, particularly in the countryside, together with DICT and IBPAP.


“I am thrilled to work with relevant industry partners in this role,” said Sy. “It‘s a stepping stone for Tahche to grow and improve its digital footprint in the industry.”


As part of the Marketing and Promotion initiative of the Digital Cities 2025 program, the DICT and IBPAP selected volunteers to act as IT-BPM Ambassadors who will support, strengthen, and sustain the efforts of the DICT and IBPAP in spreading its IT-BPM advocacy to cities outside Metro Manila.


Becoming an Ambassador


To be an ambassador, Sy satisfied the requirement to currently be in a managerial position in the IT-BPM industry with at least a 5-year tenure. She is also a leader who can effectively build and manage stakeholder relationships. 


Commitment as an Ambassador


Being one of the IT-BPM Ambassadors, Sy commits to the following:


Act as resource speakers in Industry Awareness Fairs and Industry-Academe events; share her professional journey in IT-BPM as part of an industry marketing campaign; aid in content creation to upscale Filipino talent; and work with DICT and IBPAP to initiate, organize, and bolster IT-BPM initiatives.


Promising Future for IT-BPM Destination Hubs


The Digital Cities 2025 program supports the transformation of promising locations in the Philippines into buzzing IT-BPM destination hubs and promotes dynamism in the local economic environment. This will be possible with the engagement of IT-BPM industry ambassadors.


According to DICT Secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II, “The plan is for industry experts to be ambassadors through various interventions to help reinforce the role of the IT-BPM industry in economic growth.”


DICT continues to provide the 25 Digital Cities for 2025 with much needed support in areas including talent attraction and development, institutional development, infrastructure development, and marketing and promotion. These actions intend to assist the identified localities reach their full potential in view of the government’s vision for countryside development and inclusive growth.


Bringing Tahche in the National Scene


Tahche is committed to providing outsourcing job opportunities for the talent left untapped in the country. 


With Sy’s appointment as an IT-BPM Ambassador, Tahche is realizing its desire of helping out the country and collaborating with the government and other key industry players in the business processing outsourcing industry to develop new ideas and sustainable technology for the growth of its employees and services. 


For further inquiries and/or information, contact Tahche through mobile at  

+1 347-467-1066.

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