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Tahche’s annual team summer outing

Cebu, Philippines—After two long years of remote working and virtual meetings, Tahche is finally back on track! And first on its list—a team summer outing.


With the sun shining bright and a day packed with lots of getting-to-know and team-building activities, the fun-filled event allowed the team to meet and bond with others, even those outside their circles.


One of the highlights of the team summer outing was The Amazing Race which was incredible as it challenged the teams to work together to overcome roadblocks and obstacles as they raced around the game. 


The night of the same day, with the happy-go-lucky crowd of rockstars ready to have fun, Tahche hosted a “Back To The Wild”-themed dinner and after-party.



Indeed, it was an enjoyable experience for everyone who came and those who joined the celebration virtually. An excellent opportunity for the team to learn and share valuable insights and reinforce our core values.

It’s a full-day event, but here are some highlights!

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