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Tahche Remains Firm & Compliant To New Gov’t Safety Measures

The Department of Labor and Employment-Region 7 (DOLE-7) has recorded 160,000 employees in Central Visayas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the workers had flexible work arrangements while others were out of work because of retrenching and temporary closures of business establishments.


However, Tahche remains firm and compliant to new government safety measures against COVID-19 which included strict monitoring and reissuing of limited quarantine passes in each community to reduce the number of people going out of their houses and a granular lockdown of communities with high cases of COVID-19.


Tahche recently had a rapid testing for all its employees to combat the threat of the virus and maintained its day-today operations through work-from-home arrangements and work in the office. The office is also disinfected regularly for the safety of employees needing to visit the office to secure documents and work on other tasks that can only be done inside the office. 


Aside from these, Tahche continues to support its clients and community while staying safe by conducting online job opportunities for qualified candidates.

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