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Tahche’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) surpasses industry average in its most recent survey

Cebu, Philippines—Tahche earned an unprecedented Net Promoter Score (NPS)® of 73 for customer satisfaction in their most recent May 2022 survey.


“We’ve always had the goal to be world-class, not just in our services, but also in our customers’ experience. This remains a core focus for us, and the ongoing efforts of our people have again paid off,” said Bryan Luoma, CEO of Tahche. “It is deeply gratifying that our clients acknowledged our efforts with a high NPS rating. The credit goes to every member of our team who goes the extra mile every day, delivering excellence to our clients,” concluded Luoma.


NPS ranks customer satisfaction based on a single-question survey to customers, “How likely is it that you would recommend Tahche to a friend or colleague?” Then, the NPS score is calculated as a single number in the range of -100 to +100, with higher scores being better than low scores.


According to Retently 2022 NPS Benchmark for B2B, the average Net Promoter Score for B2B industries ranges from 25 to 68, with an NPS of 50 to 53 being considered “good” and above 70 “excellent” or “world-class”. Tahche’s May 2022 NPS 73 score soared well above industry benchmarks, propelling it into the “excellent” or “world-class” range. 


In addition to the overall NPS, the company scored highly on individual questions about customer satisfaction, including two of Tahche’s most favored qualities according to its clients—great communication and high-value employees.


“This is truly a fantastic result achieved by few companies worldwide. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important measures of business success. We work hard to deliver excellence and value to our clients and partners,” the CEO added.


Among the companies and market leaders with the highest Net Promoter Score in 2022 were Netflix (NPS of 68), Starbucks (NPS of 77), Amazon (NPS of 62), Airbnb (NPS of 74), and Tesla with an astounding NPS of 96.


About Tahche


Tahche is a privately held outsourcing company founded by a US-based Filipino American founder. Based in the Philippines, we help small and medium-sized companies in the US build their offshore team and support their business process through our offshore staffing solutions. We help companies get the right people for their business and handle the intangibles of their offshore office so they can focus more on growing their core business.


We understand the challenges our clients face, that’s why we provide them with a team that is 100% dedicated to their business. We take the time to understand the specific requirements of each of our clients to ensure we find the right fit with the right skill set for the role.


With over a decade of experience and an in-depth understanding of the US market and our clients’ needs, we deliver tangible results that are sure to bring guaranteed success for our clients and their business.

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