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Tahche Gives Free Eye Checkup to its Employees

“Future will always look blurred no matter how strong eyesight you have!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

Tahche employees also had the chance to choose a eyeglass frame of their preference.

When I was younger, I never really cared much about wearing my prescribed glasses. I feel that they look so big and heavy on my face and that they just don’t fit me. Eventually, I did learn to appreciate them and wear them to help me but like most apps we use today, I also tend to forget that my eyesight needs to be checked every once in a while.

Handling the company website and social media as well as other required meetings via zoom, I’m in front of the computer almost 80% of the time (or my phone if I’m away from the computer). And good glasses have become a much-needed facet of my work. I kept reminding myself to have my eye check-up on my own time, but I keep forgetting to do it.

Now, I’m glad that I’m part of a company that was able to send us a reminder that free eye checkups are part of our benefits as employees.

The HR team scheduled this check-up last Thursday and Friday along with a team of skilled ophthalmologists. They stayed at the Ayala Corporate Center from 3 pm to 9 pm and assisted the Tahche employees (including those working from home who visited the office just for this) to assess their current eyesight condition.

They even brought a variety of eye frames that fits every person’s face and style that one can choose from if they prefer to have a different set of eyeglasses to use.

This might be considered as a simple employee benefit to some, but I’m glad that it’s part of work that I totally enjoy doing every day. Thank you Tahche!


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