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Tahche Celebrates National Women’s Month 2024 with Pink Friday


Last Friday, March 15, 2024, the Tahche headquarters at Cebu City, Philippines transformed into a sea of color as employees came together, wearing something pink, to celebrate National Women’s Month in style. Pink symbolizes solidarity and support for women’s empowerment.


A movie marathon was held in the cozy confines of Tahche’s Multipurpose Hall, open for employees on break and after work hours. As colleagues gathered to unwind and connect, they were treated to a selection of films celebrating and featuring strong and resilient women characters. Among the highlights was the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” a captivating tribute to the music icon whose journey has inspired millions of women (and men!) around the globe.



But the celebrations didn’t stop there. Throughout the day, Tahche buzzed with energy as employees participated in photo ops, capturing precious moments of camaraderie in celebrating their women colleagues and gender equality.



At the heart of Tahche’s celebration was a deep-seated commitment to empowering women both within the company and beyond. As a respected voice in the industry, Tahche recognizes the invaluable contributions of women in driving innovation and success. Under the strong leadership of Amy Sy, Tahche’s Country Manager, the company has made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion, creating a workplace where all employees can thrive and excel.


Amy Sy’s leadership serves as a shining example of Tahche’s dedication to gender equality, inspiring employees to reach their full potential regardless of gender. Through initiatives like the National Women’s Month celebration, Pink Friday, Tahche continues to support and uplift women in all aspects of life.


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