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Amylene Sy Shares Tahche’s Present and Future at IBPAP’s Japan Business Mission

Last Oct. 25, 2023, the Japan Business Mission organized by IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines, Inc. (IBPAP) to strengthen Japan-Philippine partnership was held at the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC), Tokyo, Japan. DTI Philippines and HDI Japan are two of the organizations that supported the event. Among the esteemed participants is Tahche’s very own Country Manager, Amylene Sy. 



In a charismatic presentation, Ms. Sy left a lasting impression on the audience as she shared expert insights on Tahche’s groundbreaking services and their positive impact on the recruitment and outsourcing industries. 



And there’s no chance we’re letting you miss out on that as we share in this article the highlights of her talk. 


Tailor-Fitted, Concierge-Like Experience for Clients


Tahche’s primary focus, as highlighted by Ms. Sy, is to provide a tailor-fitted and concierge-like experience to clients outside the Philippines. This commitment goes beyond mere recruitment services. It extends to making it easy for clients to set up their business or teams in the Philippines, taking away the hassles of creating their own business entities.



Ms. Sy emphasized that Tahche’s goal is to become a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand their workforce in the Philippines, providing a seamless and hassle-free integration of vibrant and talented Filipino employees.


The Best of Both Worlds for Employees


A highlight of Ms. Sy’s talk was the unique proposition Tahche offers to employees: the best of both worlds.


(a) Social and Job Security: A local full-time employee who has been regularized enjoys a social and job security blanket protected by Philippine law. And so a full-time job and regularization are highly prized in the Philippines, just as they are in Japan. Tahche provides the opportunity for these, aligning with the country’s work culture and Filipinos’ desire for stability.


(b) Access to Global Opportunities: Employees in Tahche’s network have access to global job opportunities and international rates. These without having to leave the country, without having to be a gig worker or freelancer online, and without giving up on government benefits provided to full-time, regularized workers. Employees also get an enriching dual experience from local and international work practices. 



So if you’re a company who cares for social responsibility, Tahche is your go-to partner. 


What’s Next? Tahche’s Vision


Ms. Sy wrapped up her talk by discussing Tahche’s vision for the future with much enthusiasm. She shared how Tahche is committed to making it even easier for Filipino professionals and global companies to connect. And so it will be introducing the Tahche mobile app, set to launch in Q1 of 2024 on iOS and android. This app will serve as a comprehensive platform for both job-seekers and businesses looking to build and manage teams in the Philippines.



The goal is clear: to retain the ease of doing business in the Philippines through Tahche while making it faster, more convenient, and, ultimately, more accessible for everyone involved. Tahche’s vision is to create a digital bridge that allows professionals and companies across the globe to collaborate seamlessly and create opportunities that benefit both sides.


Amylene Sy’s presentation at the IBPAP’s Japan Business Mission not only highlighted Tahche’s commitment to providing top-notch Filipino professionals and recruitment services but also offered a glimpse into the company’s promising future set to revolutionize the way businesses expand their teams in the Philippines.


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