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TAHCHE Celebrates its 8th year in Outsourcing!

Last September 8, 2020, TAHCHE Outsourcing Services Inc. recently celebrated our 8th year in the business. Though we followed strict pandemic restrictions, we were able to held a short but captive gathering for its employees for each time shift.

We started it off with a broadcasted Thanksgiving Mass online. Followed by a free meal for each employee and a surprise video greeting from Bryan Luoma, TAHCHE’s president that surprised a few of the employees. Then as a last part, a simple but wonderful parting gift from the management that consist of an essential kit for everyone with a memorable button with the TAHCHE logo.

Though we all missed seeing each other for seven months, were still grateful for what TAHCHE has given us especially during the height of the quarantine. A chance to still be able to help people we care about by helping other people as well.

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