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PH IT-BPO Industries Remain Robust Amidst Pandemic Challenges

Philippine IT-BPO Industry Remain Robust Amidst Pandemic Challenges


In the recent Philippine IT-BPO Outsourcing Opportunities Global Business Processes online discussion facilitated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), IT and Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) and Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP), high value services were determined as opportunities in the IT-BPO space along with the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives Enterprise bill (formerly Corporate Income Tax and Incentives Reform Act) which aids the recovery of enterprises negatively affected by COVID-19 and enhance the country’s ability to create high value investments. 


High value services beneficial to the IT-BPO industry include contact centers, IT and Software, Health Information Management System (HIMS), Animation and Game Development and Global In-house Center (GIC). Among the services offered, HIMS has the highest projected growth in terms of revenue at 7.3% to 10.8% and headcount at 6.8% to 10.2% according to 2020 to 2022 forecasted figures by global research firm, Everest Group. The Philippines Healthcare Workforce also has a total of 9,137 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination Passers, 42, 425 Medical and Allied Health Degree College Graduates and 4, 622 Philippine Pharmacist Licensure Examination Passers since 2018 making the Philippines a rich talent pool for the healthcare industry.


The HIMS sector has also been actively responsive to the current crisis with 80 percent of their workforce working from home and 80 percent of businesses gaining onsite productivity levels. Support from stakeholders including TelCos, power generation providers and government agencies also made the work from home transition faster and manageable for employees. Aside from these, digital platforms were also in place to adhere to government policies.


Head of International Business Operations, GBS Lead of Dexcom Philippines, Inc. Jessica Shields reported that Dexcom continued to grow in the first quarter of 2020 despite pandemic challenges highlighting support from industry partners and the government and the availability of the country’s talents and labor arbitrage as well as the empathy and cultural fit that led to the Philippines being a top market choice for Dexcom.


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