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Tahche Announces Opening of New Manila Office

06 September 2022 – MANILA, Philippines – Tahche Outsourcing opened a new office in Manila, Philippines, last September 1, 2022, for their 10th year. 


Tahche is proud to announce the opening of its new Manila office. The company was founded on the dream of representing and matching competent Filipino talents with global partners needing a reliable offshore workforce. 



Since then, they have been helping their clients find top candidates across various industries by leveraging their extensive network and expertise. The outsourcing company now wants to bring that same commitment and dedication through the help of its new workplace in Manila.


Tahche’s team members are primarily office-based, but they also accommodate a WFH set-up. They have always been big believers in the power of collaboration and teamwork, and it’s always been a dream of the company to have an office space in Manila where their employees could all come together regularly and collaborate in person.


Opening an office in the centre of Manila is more than just a perk for their employees. It helps the outsourcing company to create the kind of community that has the heart and soul of this unique city; which has also been through so much upheaval in recent years. Tahche says that it allows them to give back to the Filipino community—and they couldn’t be happier about it. 



Tahche hosted a small celebration for their employees in the new office to celebrate this milestone. It began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony from the owners, who visualized this day right from when the company started in 2012 in its first office in Cebu.


The employees also actively took part in the event. A speech, then, from the owners was given regarding the company’s growth, all about business process outsourcing, plans, employee appreciation, and general announcements.


New Branch, New Opportunities


Tahche’s new office branch in Manila also supports its growth in Asia and fosters the spirit of innovation and collaboration.


“Tahche is a talent-enabled staffing agency that represents skillful Filipino talents to global companies that establish or expand their presence in the Philippines. With a team of seasoned recruiters and a pool of passionate candidates. The goal has always been forming Tahche to be the first choice of companies who want to outsource contingent workforce requirements to the Philippines,” said Bryan Luoma, Tahche’s CEO. 


The world has changed. Companies that never considered outsourcing before are taking a more global approach to business and are finding alternative solutions to staffing issues. Tahche is the first of its kind to bridge the gap between local talent and international companies with its innovative platform where clients can source, hire and manage Philippine-based talent projects online anywhere in the world.


Tahche Outsourcing has had a lot of experience helping small to medium-sized companies take their business to the next level and cross borders. They are experts in offshore services, including all aspects of hiring, culture building, project management, time zone management and multiple languages. They don’t just help find the talent; they help build the team that gets results for your business.

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