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Professional Tips For Gen Z Workers Amidst a Global Crisis

Need professional tips as a fresh graduate in a global crisis?


Graduating virtually and not having internships are some of the challenges that Gen Z graduates had to put up in the pandemic. But, with every crisis, there is opportunity. 


If it’s your first time looking for work in a pandemic, you are not alone. We want to let you know that most companies, especially in the BPO industry, still offer great positions for qualified fresh graduates. 


Here are professional tips for fresh graduates in the pandemic:


It’s Not a Competition


When finding a job amid a pandemic, the first thing to think about is to not think about competition. When you set this in your mind, you can approach the job application on level ground with other applicants. You won’t also be running under pressure, but in the confidence that you are capable of handling the job like the rest of the applicants.


What Do I Do If I Don’t Have Significant Work Experience?


Recall your experiences with affiliated organizations in the school. That counts as experience. Place significant co-curricular or curricular activities that support the job position you are in. Also, it’s a good idea to ask what type of work experience they require before jumping on the bandwagon. 


Starting a New Job In a Pandemic


Working in a pandemic would mean office days at home, more Zoom calls, working with family, and dealing with distractions. It also means learning to communicate with colleagues online. Research and practice professional tips that best fit your company culture and rules.


Keep Meetings Short


The average person can only handle 2 hours of meetings a day. Long online meetings can put a strain on your eyes and health. It can also divert your attention. Keep meetings short like a maximum of 30 minutes. 


Use Chats to Communicate Positively


Our mental health matters and with the surrounding negativity, it’s high time we use chat rooms to encourage each other, share some challenges and lift each other. 


Schedule Your Distractions


We all have the distractions that take us away from work, and if you’re someone who loves to clean and arrange things in their desks, do it before work. Schedule those distractions ahead, so you won’t have to deal with them during work.


Do Time Blocking


Working half of the week at home and half in the office can be a tricky schedule, so time blocking is always important to stay on track of your tasks and keeping short breaks to recharge your energy. 


Take Care of Your Mental Health


An ideal strategy to avoid brain drain from too many video meetings is also doing short walks, exercises like breathing and stretching. Listening to music and turning off devices after work can be a great way to recharge and feed your brain.

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