Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc.

Accelerated Outsourcing Done Right

Who We Are

In 2013, Tahche was formed to help an established US client grow their business in Cebu, Philippines.  Today Tahche has successfully deployed over a 100 top calibre talents to its clients in various industries. Tahche as a team has decades of experience working for the largest companies in the Philippines and global Fortune 100 clients from the US, Australia, New Zealand and other international countries.

As a homegrown company, our clients have access to the superior and highly English proficient educated population of the Philippines. We have supported these companies to become more efficient and scalable in this ever growing global economy.

Our commitment to service has developed an exceptional HR process as well as adapted the latest trends in the industry for a desirable workplace to ensure we hire the right fit for you. Our clients get the best from employees who are provided with a wide range of benefits such as health care, paid time off, employment contracts, employee engagement and other perks expected by employees globally.

Tahche Outsourcing Services, Inc helps you build your offshore team and office, create a culture and process and provide the winning formula to grow your business!

Our Process

We will provide guidance but you’re the one in charge.
Only 5 easy steps for you to build your own offshore team to grow your business!

1. Consultation

Where we iron out the details of what you are looking for and what else you would need during a free consultation

2. Employee Search

We will search for the right fit of candidates for you based on the job requirements you have provided.

3. Onboarding

Once we have helped you hire your team, we will then assist you with all the legal requirements like salary, benefits, job requirements and other concerns by your employees.

4. Office & Equipment

We can also provide the intended office space for your business. Whether its a 4 person group to a 200 person division, we can provide you the options you will need.

5. Additional Services

When your business is up and running, we will continue to support your needs as long as inevitable issues come up.

Executive Team

Amylene Sy

Business Process Expert

Cherry Obsequies

Financial Expert

Roxanne S. Fuentes

Human Capital Expert

Support Team