BPO Company Hiring In Cebu: How To Get Hired?

BPO employees in Cebu being trained

Scouting for a BPO company hiring in Cebu that matches your needs? There is no perfect workplace, but there is a better way to search and apply.

Things to Consider When Applying For BPO Company Hiring In Cebu

  • Find a BPO Company That Grows You.

Find a job that grows you professionally. Don’t settle for less. Experience will always be our best reference when it comes to our career.

  • Make Sure You Commit To It

Commitment is part of your profession. Hopping from one job to another is not only tiring, but also time-consuming. Commit to a company that matches your personality and passion and watch yourself grow professionally and even, financially!

  • Stay Healthy.

Health is our investment for long term earnings, so we have to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Set up good habits that will benefit you in the long run. Habits like getting x amount of hours of sleep and eating more fruits and veggies are a good start.

Why Work With Tahche

Working with Tahche has its pros. We are looking for relevant, unique, smart and globally competitive talents such as you!

Here are reasons why you should work with us:

  • Adjustment Period

US-based BPO company hiring in Cebu works the graveyard shift. Nevertheless, we give employees time to adjust since not everyone is comfortable. This allows their body clock to adapt to the night shift.

  • Bonus and Referrals

Tahche gives bonuses to employees who perform better and hit company targets. We also offer referral fees to workers who refer successful hires. We also give commissions to workers who get clients for our outsourcing company. In addition, we offer salary appraisals for long-term employees!

  • Training and Workshops

In order for us to be globally competitive, we constantly train our workers using the best resources. This will help them grow personally and professionally.

  • Open Communication

We honor open communication between employees and the management and are open to suggestions. We value everyone’s ideas.

  • U.S. Paid Leaves

During US holidays, we have no work! We get double pay for working during Philippine holidays! Cool right?

  • In-Patient and Out-Patient Coverage with COVID-19 Coverage

We simply can’t work when we are sick. Tahche offers in-patient and out-patient coverage for employees and their dependent who are sick. We are also offering paid sick/emergency leaves, including COVID-19 related leaves. Our Human Resources team will assess these types of leaves.

Grow Your Career With Tahche

Want to kick start your career with us? End your search for BPO company hiring in Cebu and view our updated job list for available positions.