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LOS NIÑOS SERVICES x TAHCHE: Improving Business Processes Through Offshoring

LOS NIÑOS SERVICES is a leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate support to young children with special needs in order for them to reach their full potential. They offer a wide array of services including autism services (ABA), evaluations, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education, speech therapy, and access to toddler developmental groups.



TAHCHE connects businesses to top notch offshore workers and professionals in the Philippines in order to address skill gaps within organizations and encourage growth and excellence. They also offer office leasing and offshore team management. 




Help Los Niños Services find Filipino administrators (i.e., executive assistant), data management specialists, and quality assurance data analysts who will assist in improving their business processes within the organization. 


TAHCHE’s F.A.S.T. Solutions:


> Set up meetings with Los Niños Services representatives to identify candidate expectations and specific qualifications for the positions to be filled

> Identified nice-to-have skills that would contribute to the success of candidates once hired for the desired roles

> Tapped into the company’s extensive database of candidate profiles to search for Filipino professionals that best match the identified requirements 

> Conducted initial interviews and assessments of qualified candidates to see if they are a great match for Los Niños Services

> Connected qualified candidates with Los Niños Services for client screening and hiring




> Five (5) employees referred by Tahche are currently hired by Los Niños Services

> All positions for offshore hiring were successfully filled

> Most offshore employees from Tahche have remained with the business since hiring

> An executive assistant referred by Tahche and hired by Los Niños Services came with a Master’s Degree in Science Education in the UK, offering specialized knowledge that matches Los Niños Services’ industry and proving advantageous for quick integration and valuable employee contribution

> Integrated offshore employees helped Los Niños Services remain productive and competitive during events that required the business to run on a remote work setup

> Support from Los Niños Services’ offshore employees served an integral part in building, launching, and running the company’s new website called Young Child Learning, an online learning platform targeting tens of thousands of early childhood professionals, serving as an extension of conferences done for 17 years in New York, which were also rated as Top 5 Early Childhood Conference. 

> Offshore employees helped streamline operations and contributed with cost-savings, allowing Los Niños Services to “do more with less, and doing it very well,” which is highly crucial for organizations in the social services industry.


“I love working with people from Tahche because of their will and their skill. My experience is that people have great attitudes, really can-do attitudes, and they just get the job done.”

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