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CADSOURCING: Outsource Drafting

“In growing a global team, the key is you need to have somebody that can lead the charge for you, make decisions for you and somebody you can trust 110%. Trust is a huge factor to grow a business and to have a great team” – Bryan LuomaCEO


Bryan Luoma, founder, and president of Cadsourcing, shared his story on how he built Cadsourcing from the start into what it is today. It all started with a crazy idea to create a drafting company after seeing photos of a gas station his engineering cousin in the Philippines was working on.  But now, the company provides CAD drafting services across the globe, and TAHCHE has been very instrumental in its growth.  


CADSOURCING had a product that people wanted and TAHCHE had the resources to fill in the pipeline. In the beginning, it was all about getting the operations side working so that CADSOURCING can provide a quality product for the client on time and on budget. TAHCHE focused on helping CADSOURCING build their operations team so that it could ensure the quality of products delivered to its clients.


Bryan’s challenge was “making things more efficient” in his business and he is always on the lookout for ways how to continually improve his company’s efficiency and keep it lean.  TAHCHE helped CADSOURCING build the team to have highly efficient processes which have led to increased profitability, greater flexibility in the workforce and better quality work.


TAHCHE consistently learns a lot from other businesses and its clients, mastering the different skills needed to manage these businesses.  As new clients come in, the best practices learned by TAHCHE from all of its clients differentiate them from the rest.


CADSOURCING has grown in leaps and bounds, all thanks to Bryan’s trust in TAHCHE. It is this trust—this sense of belief that TAHCHE can help him take things to the next level—that continues to bring about a positive transformation for his company as it strives for global efficiency and excellence.

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