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FIGI: Freedom Internet Group Inc.

“Giving to causes I care about is a great benefit I enjoy as a result of my success. Achieving “true freedom” hasn’t been all about the size of my net worth, but rather the impact I make on my family and our communities” –  Noah B. Rosenfarb, CPA, CFO, Freedom Internet Group Inc.

Simple. Safe. Secure. This is Freedom Internet Group Inc.’s tagline.  They have been purchasing websites and created income streams for over 16 years now. The first website they bought was an online stock market simulator in the early days of the Internet where they made some changes, and grew it from 10,000 to 250,000 users before selling it.  Since that initial website, they’ve built close to 200 deals on systems around buying and managing internet-based businesses.

FIGI’s simple ideology of providing a process that the majority understands as a system that works and is pain-free is likened to TAHCHE’s full cycle employment where the best solutions are finding the right people for FIGI’s ongoing businesses.  TAHCHE’s 10 years of recruitment and hiring process, quickly profiled a Finance Controller, a Construction Estimator, a Digital Marketing Specialist, among others. The stringent simplicity of TAHCHE’s process worked well to FIGI’s advantage as most of these high profile hires are working remotely but ensures full responsibility for delivery of tasks.

FIGI’s goal to optimize monetization strategy makes its businesses safe where the best chances of growth are ensured with a constant income flow.  TAHCHE shares the same safety net by getting the most with the people they provide to FIGI.  

And as FIGI has spent years in developing their contacts with the right people and making certain that complete proprietary on due diligence is done on deals entered into, TAHCHE respects that the same way and has guaranteed that whatever transactions are between clients, security is of utmost priority.  TAHCHE has been very careful and has taken a lot of efforts to build relationships throughout its client base, and trusts that FIGI is its word of mouth to the world just as FIGI has put its trust in TAHCHE.

Lastly, FIGI’s CFO, Noah B. Rosenfarb, a 3rd generation CPA, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, who continually believes in creating value to others, has been very impressed at how TAHCHE has professionally delivered to his expectations.  To date, he hasn’t found any other company as highly competitive as TAHCHE.     

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