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4it Continues To Open Its Doors Do The World

We empower organizations through people, processes, and tools to securely help them overcome the complexity of technology” – 4it’s Mission

4it, an award-winning IT firm with locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale that help reduce risk and deliver IT solutions by creating an exchange between its clients, employees, and partners, have continued to open its doors to the world and trusted TAHCHE to expand its services.  

Raymond Mobayed, 4it’s CEO, who is a 26-year veteran in the computer science and information technology fields, came to Cebu in one of his travels with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of New York, to see if he can find the most competent Azure 365 Engineers and NOC Engineers.  And voilà!  He was impressed with what he saw and heard.  Tahche’s competence to bring him the most qualified candidates expressed not only the team’s experience and ability in its commitment to service but also in completing full cycle employment to its clients.  He was amazed that at a short notice, the HR and recruitment team of TAHCHE, was able to put together what they specifically wanted. This is all because of an established process that only TAHCHE is able to provide.


Moreover, the services of TAHCHE did not just end there, 4it was provided with a team who made the transport and purchase of equipment, the selection of office space, and more others, very convenient for them. TAHCHE made sure that they had the right fittings to the desks and space that they wanted as privacy and confidentiality were important.  Despite that 4it is a top-notch IT company, they had to partner with TAHCHE’s own IT Solutions and Facilities team to set up their tools of the trade.  

And that’s not all!  The warm welcome that TAHCHE planned for any of its client visits was the most wonderful experience that anyone can have.  From their hotels, to the places they wanted to eat and go, an expert in TAHCHE was there for them. TAHCHE showed its sincerity and pure intentions to 4it as the whole team invited them to participate in their team-building activities and in giving back to the community.  The full experience of being surrounded by the most talented and wonderful people made the decision by 4it the best ever!

4it’s decision to continually open its doors to the world through TAHCHE, wasn’t only an easy thing to do but was most empowering to the team that they have built for themselves. 

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