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Pursuing Recruitment Excellence: Country Manager Amylene Sy’s Journey with Tahche

In the highly competitive recruitment services industry, where talent meets opportunity, Tahche stands tall with its 11 years of relentless pursuit of recruitment excellence. Ms. Amylene Sy, the seasoned Country Manager of the company in the Philippines, shares her journey through the lens of her years of experience. 


Steering with Compassion and Values 


Six years within Tahche’s fold have been a revelation for Ms. Amylene (better known as Ms.Amy by her peers), an odyssey marked by fulfillment and purpose. “It’s most fulfilling for me by far,” she emphasized.



In her role as the Country Manager, she steers Tahche with a compass of values. “I keep a mindset of inclusivity. I encourage collaboration. I encourage innovation,” Ms. Amy outlined. Employee empathy and client satisfaction form the cornerstone of her managerial philosophy.


Fulfillment in Tahche’s Team Spirit, Excellence, and Resilience


Ms. Amy highlighted Tahche’s commitment to engagement and global solutions. “We encourage employee participation, client participation […]. It’s convenience that we sell. […]. Cost-efficiency,” she added.


The most fulfilling aspect of her role? Ms. Amy’s eyes lit up as she recounted, “In any crisis that we went through… there isn’t anyone in the organization that’s not ready to help. As one of our executives would say, every manager is ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work, to the ground, and do every little thing that there is to do. And they don’t mind doing that regardless of roles or positions.”



Client feedback continuously paints a vivid picture of Tahche’s positive impact. Ms. Amy underlined how this is achieved, citing how her team meticulously handles the complexities of establishing an offshore team, offering a seamless and convenient experience. “They all say that our service is commendable,” she said with confidence.


When asked about the biggest challenge she’s encountered so far as part of Tahche’s organization, Ms. Amy recalled the COVID-19 pandemic, “Biggest challenge would be, you know how COVID was, and despite that, as I’ve said, we were very resilient.”


Proud Moments and Milestones


Having represented Tahche and shaken hands with the President of the Philippines when the company received the SSS Balikat ng Bayan Top Employer for Branch Account Award in 2022 stood out as her proudest moment.


 “Being there to represent Tahche, saying that, ‘Hey, we’re compliant. We’re not doing any shortcuts.’ This is us being sincere and being honest to what we do,” Ms. Amy reminisced.




But of course, she didn’t forget to acknowledge her very own team who made Tahche deserving of the award through their hard work and efforts.


I’m very proud of the team that I have, the team that we’ve built, and how the team that we have in the office — everyone collaborating and making sure that they function to their roles, and love their work, go to the office every day because they’re doing it not for themselves, but for their families.” 


Alignment of Visions: Working with Bryan Luoma


Asked what it’s like working closely with Bryan Luoma, the hands-on CEO of Tahche, she honestly answered about how it could be challenging. Yet, Ms. Amy emphasized how it was worth it as she aligns with his vision to provide great career opportunities to Filipinos who want to provide their families with a decent living, without having to leave them for a more lucrative career overseas.


“He’s a visionary and I share the same vision with him […]. And that’s why I like working with Bryan Luoma.”



Where it Goes From Here: The Future of Amylene Sy and Tahche


There are no small dreams for Tahche, at least where Ms. Amy is concerned. 


“Well, it’s a thing to hit the moon, but you know, you can dream. When you dream, you have to dream big. I want the company to be out there, one of the Fortune 500 companies, maybe, in that case. That’s never too far. But to dream big and to make it big is something that I would see Tahche go forward with before I say ‘Now, I can retire.’”


The moon might seem far, but dreams know no bounds. Tahche, with Amylene Sy at the helm, is set to soar.


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