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Empowering Filipino Professionals: Tahche Partners with Local Organizations

In the vibrant landscape of the Philippines, there exists a company with a mission like no other — Tahche. Driven by an unwavering vision, Tahche is dedicated to empowering Filipino professionals and skilled workers, opening doors to incredible opportunities that propel their careers, support their families, and uplift their communities. But Tahche understands that achieving this monumental mission requires more than just passion. It also requires the power of partnership.


Through strategic collaborations with like-minded organizations, Tahche has woven a tapestry of opportunities for countless Filipino workers, providing them not just job opportunities, but also valuable insights from industry experts.


Let’s dive into a few of the transformative partnerships that have fueled this journey:


  1. Philippine Home-Based Virtual Assistants Community 


The union of Tahche and the Philippine Home-Based Virtual Assistants community created career possibilities for Filipino job seekers who joined our successful event last May. The F.A.S.T. Conference brought together industry experts including Allan Ngo, Joel Pamo, Thea Peralta, and MJ Tapia who talked about ChatGPT, the power of upskilling, and driving growth through remote and hybrid setups accordingly. The event was also joined by our very own CEO, Bryan Luoma who shared Tahche’s history, mission, and vision. 


The real-time acceptance of job applications and interviews made job hunting efficient and exciting, while the insights shared by industry experts during the conference empowered candidates to shine in their chosen fields.

Watch the event here.



  1. Creative and Advertising Professionals Community


Also a partner for the F.A.S.T Conference, the Creative and Advertising Professionals community, together with Tahche, provided Filipino artists, designers, and marketing gurus with an opportunity to showcase their brilliance, connecting them with businesses eager to harness their creative magic. Through this partnership, artists found their profitable canvas, and businesses discovered their brand and their voice.


  1. Surge Market Place Community


Tahche and Surge Market Place created an ecosystem where Filipino e-commerce experts and international businesses could find their perfect match. This matchmaking partnership facilitated rewarding careers for Filipinos and empowered businesses to thrive in the bustling digital marketplace.


  1. Online Filipino Freelancers Community


The gig economy is a realm of independence and flexibility, yet it is plagued with instability and lack of social benefits. Tahche’s partnership with the Online Filipino Freelancers community gave Filipino freelancers the chance to connect with international businesses that could accommodate their demands yet provide them with the stability and safety nets they — and their families — deserve.



  1. PESO


Amidst the digital wave, Tahche understood the value of traditional avenues. The partnership with PESO brought Tahche careers to a local job fair, democratizing access to opportunities. It became a bridge connecting businesses with local talent, nurturing the region’s economy


  1. KodeGo and KUMU


Tahche’s alliance with KodeGo  and KUMU has resulted in the creation of Tahche’s very own “Gen C Show.” It is a series of live, informational videos that provide Filipino workers and professionals various industry insights that aim to help them find their dream jobs and thrive in their careers. 


Not only that but the UI/UX Digital Marketing Summit 2023 would not have been possible without KodeGo. This event featured marketing and IT & Development professionals who shared the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry to the avid participants who wanted to be in the know.



Tahche’s partnerships are a testament to the power of collaboration, sparking transformation in the lives of Filipino professionals. Beyond jobs, they bring forth opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive in a world filled with endless potential.


Together, let us celebrate these partnerships and embrace the spirit of unity. Join Tahche and its partners today, and together, let’s script a new era of empowerment for the Filipino workforce – an era of dreams turned into reality, of careers reaching new heights, and of communities flourishing like never before.


If you want to hire exceptional Filipino workers and professionals, contact us today.

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