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What does your business offer in terms of job stability and quality despite challenges brought about by the pandemic? Find out how quality job packages benefit not just the employee itself, but the economic status of your office location which impacts your business in the long run. 

Philippine Jobs on the Rise

As Philippines’ COVID cases decrease in the last quarter of 2020, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has also projected a 10 percent decline in unemployed individuals in the country.

DOLE used administrative data submitted by businesses to determine which industries are in demand at this time and their reports show health care as a top  hiring industry followed by information technology, business process management, education, logistics and construction despite the negative impacts of COVID-19.

Recently, the Department of Health (DOH) hired 8,056 health workers for 10,693 job vacancies under the emergency hiring program to counter COVID-19.

The largest number of healthcare workers hired were nurses at 2,701, followed by medical technologists at 1,356 who were deployed in public hospitals, isolation and quarantine sites, diagnostic facilities, local government units, and other COVID-19 facilities.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry also played a significant role in generating jobs for Filipinos with 10,000 job vacancies for technical support staff, frontline/specialists, customer service representatives, supervisors, managers, human resources recruitment and training, information technology, finance and marketing sectors.

The construction industry also announced several job openings for safety engineers and heavy equipment operators.

There is also an expressed demand for online instructors and vehicle service drivers as more businesses use e-commerce and online delivery services for consumer goods.

Increased Demand in Online Support Services

While we see a rise in trends such as online shopping and massive use of customer support online for services such as medical insurance, grocery deliveries, online banking and retail purchases,the need for highly-adept professionals who can handle not just the customer relationship but has the skill to use several communication platforms easily.

A rich talent pool with a business-friendly salary still needs to be tapped and aside from the regular screening process to determine the right candidate, medical screenings and compensation programs and rapport need to be established to keep these workers motivated and eliminate barriers to communication online.

What guidelines are you following in hiring candidates for your business? Fine tune your strategies and keep and protect your employees, your most valuable assets in your field of expertise. Contact Tahche today.

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