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Financial Planning For Growth and Security

Financial statements reveal how well a company is performing, and behind those results is a finance and accounting team who does more than just accounting and reporting; they set a goal for financial growth and security. Without an efficient finance and accounting outsourcing team, companies cannot move forward, and investment opportunities would stagger. As Tahche’s financial controller, Cherry Obsequies, continues to leverage Tahche and its clients by managing a finance and accounting team of top caliber talents delivering accurate figures which are detrimental to the company and its clients’ progress.

Responsible for developing and implementing financial systems, strategies, processes and controls, Obsequies has long-term goals set in place which includes recruiting and nurturing the finance and accounting team, boosting her networking abilities, enhancing her financial expertise in different areas and creating a lasting positive impact for the company and its clients.

Timely, Accurate and Detailed Financial Advice

“We provide Tahche with valuable information through detailed analysis and timely reports that serve as solid financial advice.We have the ability to relay difficult and dense information to the management in a precise and easy-to-understand way,”
said Obsequies.

“Our finance and accounting team members are: A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), one working with completion of her master’s degree, and lastly our youngest expert is a graduate of Financial Management and handling our Treasury transactions.  Lean as ever, we come up with accurate management reports, invoices, budgets and other related finance and accounting reports that would support Tahche’s goals for business growth,” added Obsequies.

Financial Values For Lasting Impact

In order to succeed in our goals, we must first have the right discipline, and what better way to do that than to start with the right attitude? 

Well-acclaimed motivational speaker and business consultant of Fortune 500 companies Zig Ziglar says “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Attitude itself forms the habits needed to grow financially and as part of her habits, Obsequies practices financial values such as:


“Apart from transparency, honesty is about showing authenticity wherever you go. Honesty allows us to see things more clearly. When we are honest, we live with fulfillment and freedom.”


“Patience acts like a balance scale that eases pressures and conflicts within the work environment and gains the trust and respect among co-workers because it allows time for mistakes to be corrected or actions to be improved.”


Attentiveness is such a crucial trait in the financial aspect of the company. “Attentiveness is being able to maintain accuracy when dealing with numbers. Since I oversee how and where a company spends its money, as well as how and where it accumulates profit, I need to divide my attention to many financial functions of the business. When analyzing contracts, it requires of me an in-depth understanding of domestic and international laws and regulations.”  

Budget Discipline 

“Simply put, budget as a mastered skill of tracking spending.”  


“It is the readiness to accept new suggestions, ideas, influences or opinions.”

Financially Planning As the Key to Overcoming Obstacles

Of course, practicing financial values doesn’t stop at work. Being a mom of two needs financial preparedness and that means setting aside your short-term needs for long term goals or simply put it as delayed gratification.

When faced with a family crisis, preparation through financial planning was her key to overcome the challenge. 

“I thought the loss of my husband will affect our financial family stability and may ask me to sell all real properties on hand to enable me to continue the schooling of my two children, but I ended selling out two residential properties only. One mine and the other that of my husband.  Thank God it only stopped there.  If my husband and I were not able to gain an understanding of our financial situation, making the most of our assets in our day-to-day life and planning for our future including losing either of us, my life would have been in great misery.” 

“Financial planning includes considering income and investments as family security, giving an eye on how much to spend and to save, establishing a good relationship to a financial expert and living along the standard of living that fits you.  An excel file can help you work on your budget as well,” she added.

Is your company set up for success financially? Talk to Tahche’s finance and accounting team about outsourcing your financial plans today. 

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