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Top 3 Advantages of Partnering with a Managed Service Provider and Recruitment Professional

Setting up an efficient and cost-effective business operation is crucial for success. For businesses based in the US looking to expand their workforce and operations in the Philippines, partnering with a company like Tahche, which offers managed services and professional recruitment assistance, can offer unparalleled conveniences that elevate the growth experience and streamline the process of building offshore teams.


What are the Business Advantages Provided by a Managed Service Provider and Recruitment Professional?


1. Hassle-free Employee Acquisition


Managed service providers and recruitment professionals like Tahche eliminate the tedious process of employee search from your business. 



Amylene Sy, Tahche’s Country Manager, emphasized in a recent interview (INPUT YT POST OF THE DAY link in “recent interview) how Tahche takes on the responsibility of finding the right employee for your business needs, be it engineers, architects, bookkeepers, accountants, or IT professionals. This approach not only saves time, given Tahche’s extensive employee database, but ensures that you have access to top-notch professionals without the usual hassles of screening through hundreds of low-quality applicants. 


“You don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for that particular talent that you would want to work for you.” – Amylene Sy


2. Streamlined Hiring Process


The hiring process can be a lot of work, especially if you’re planning to expand your team overseas to skip any local skill gaps in your industry. 



Tahche’s commitment to an intensive yet streamlined hiring process sets us apart as the best partner to get the job done. We employ three background investigators, match qualified candidates to business needs, and collaborate with trusted suppliers to provide for local requirements such as equipment procurement — a meticulous approach to ensure a smooth expansion process.


A great bonus of this process is that it also helps the Philippine industry as hiring of professional third-party vendors not only enhances accuracy and efficiency, but also supports other Philippine businesses. 


“We utilize three background investigators. We partner with several, several suppliers. So that makes every business in the Philippines grow.” – Amylene Sy


3. Comprehensive Client Support


A managed service provider has dedicated staff to answer all your queries and offshore team management needs.



The essence of Tahche’s managed services lie in delivering utmost convenience to our clients. Whether it’s office setup, remote team management, or employee engagement, Tahche handles it all. We present flexible options to clients, ensuring they have the support they need, whether they choose to have their team occupying a physical office space or working from home. 


“We do everything for the client… If they want an office in our office spaces, we provide them with the convenience […]. If they want the team to work from home, that’s another convenience that we offer.” – Amylene Sy



Partnering with a managed service provider and recruitment professional with a track record of success like Tahche is one of the best decisions growing businesses can make. We provide you the peace of mind that you will get your team working and your business running in no time, managed efficiently and cost-effectively by a dedicated team of professionals. 


Expand your workforce and operations in the Philippines. Sign up with Tahche today. 

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