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From Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff: A Story of Filipino Dedication and Excellence

Theresewenneth Noynay, better known as Ms. Therese within the Tahche community, embarked on a remarkable journey in 2018 as an Executive Assistant to Bryan Luoma, Tahche’s CEO. Over time, her dedication and commitment to excellence propelled her into the coveted role of Chief of Staff to the CEO, a transition embodying the dedication and the power of service Filipinos are known for worldwide.



A Focus on Excellence


Humble and service-oriented, Therese’s primary focus was never on climbing the corporate ladder. Rather, her focus was always on the present and on excelling in her role as an Executive Assistant to Bryan Luoma. She diligently managed administrative tasks, meticulously organized calendars, professionally dealt with travel arrangements, and handled all aspects related to the CEO’s office.


“I’ve never had the expectations of like… corporate ladder […]. My focus was just being the best Executive Assistant to Bryan. The administrative work, the calendar management, his travel arrangements, and other related tasks under the CEO office.” – Therese Noynay


Earning Trust and Expanding Responsibilities


Therese’s dedication and exceptional performance did not go unnoticed. As the organization expanded and diversified especially during the pandemic era, so did her responsibilities. In the process, she gained Bryan’s trust with her positive attitude, helpful insights, and practical management. Their professional relationship developed further, leading to Therese receiving a broadened scope of duties beyond the traditional administrative roles. It was then that she was promoted to Chief of Staff to the CEO. 


“As the organization expanded and we also evolved, and the other businesses of Bryan [were] also expanding, my responsibilities and my roles [went] beyond administrative roles. And of course, gaining his trust…. And we have grown, with our professional relationship with Bryan. So it was, I believe he said, ‘It’s the best time that you become my Chief of staff.’” – Therese Noynay



Privilege and Purpose: The Role of Chief of Staff


Transitioning into the role of Chief of Staff was seen by Therese as a great privilege. She considers it an honor and a blessing to support the CEO, assist in realizing his vision, and contribute to the organization’s overarching goals.


“You know, that is a privilege and opportunity: to support the success of the CEO, support his vision, and support his goals for the organization.” – Therese Noynay


Company Culture and Values


Therese gives part of the credit for her phenomenal success to Tahche’s company culture. According to her, it fosters a culture of growth, improvement, and inclusivity. The absence of office politics and the presence of a friendly and accommodating management team created a conducive work environment as well.


“Working for Tahche, of course, we receive good benefits. Great benefits for the employees. […] Tahche never settled in any process. We keep on improving. We keep on growing. And we keep on learning at the same time. “ – Therese Noynay



Adapting to Challenges and Upskilling: The Filipino Work Ethic


Therese embraced a significant challenge when one of Bryan’s companies adopted new software to keep up with evolving technology. This required her to adapt, learn, and upskill, reflecting her proactive approach toward overcoming challenges.


Drawing from her Filipino background, Therese emphasized the hardworking and committed nature of Filipinos in the workplace. 


“We Filipinos are hardworking. […] We Filipinos are super committed to what we do. We go beyond what is asked of us.” – Therese Noynay



Tips for Aspiring Executive Assistants


Therese offers her top three advice for aspiring Executive Assistants who want to develop their careers and follow her footsteps. 


  1. Straight-up honesty. This refers to being true to oneself, being true to one’s job, and being true about one’s limitations.
  2. Purpose-driven work. A purpose, according to Therese, will help them in developing the will and dedication to do their best work. 
  3. Do nothing without consultation. Regular consultations result in clear communication and less mistakes. 


Furthermore, she encourages them to believe in themselves, focus on personal growth, develop strong work ethics, and maintain a heart committed to serving others.


“Just believe in yourself. Grow yourself. Grow in character. Grow with work ethics. And have a committed heart in whatever you are doing. More than the passion is your desire [for] service. If you are a people person and you love to give service to other people, you will become a great Executive Assistant to foreign clients. “  – Therese Noynay


Therese Noynay’s journey from an Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff is a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and a commitment to service. Her story inspires us to embrace every opportunity for growth and strive for success, both professionally and personally.


And if you’re interested in getting the same kind of service that has the ability to grow in value, then why not hire your very own Filipino Executive Assistant, vetted to have the exact set of skills you need to get the job done? 


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