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Tahche at 11: A Journey of Empowerment and Success — An Exclusive Fast Talk with Bryan Luoma, CEO

For 11 successful years, Tahche has stood as a beacon of success and empowerment within the highly volatile recruitment industry. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we delve into the mindset of the man who started it all and the principles that have guided Tahche to become a prominent force in the industry.


Breaking the Ice with Fun, Cultural Q&As


Tahche’s CEO, Bryan Luoma’s Fast Talk with host Diane Querrer started with a fun back and forth about his preferences on food, destination, and even online platform.  


When asked of his preference between adobo, a savory meat dish with soy sauce and vinegar,  and sinigang, a sour yet comforting type of soup, Bryan answers with “Adobo,” with the confidence of a palette that’s closely familiar with the Filipinos’ rich culinary heritage.


This is further reaffirmed by when he didn’t stutter when asked about his preference between popular Philippine delicacies, penoy and balut, with the latter especially known as a fertile duck egg containing cooked duck fetus.


“Ah, balut, my favorite!” he exclaims, displaying a fondness for the unique Filipino delicacy.


Watch his answers to the fun questions here.



11 Years of Recruitment Service Excellence and Business Success

After the ice has been broken and Bryan was already sitting comfortably in his VIP chair, the interview moves on to the more serious questions where he discusses his principles, his success strategy, and his desire for American and Filipino empowerment. 


Asked about his guiding principles, Bryan Luoma goes back to his journey into entrepreneurship and how it was fueled by a desire to uplift his family and, by extension, the Filipino people. 


“I go back to my first principles of why I started the company, which was originally to help my family, to give them opportunities. And then as that grew to bring in other Filipinos, that spread to helping all the Filipino people. I think that as I help other Filipinos, that’s gonna help me too.”



From humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise, the ethos of Tahche remains rooted in helping others succeed.


Reflecting on the journey of Tahche over the past 11 years, Bryan emphasizes the significance of thinking long-term. He values longevity, aspiring for Tahche to flourish for another three decades. It’s a testament to his dedication and forward-thinking approach—essential ingredients for enduring success.


“Well, really it’s about thinking in the long term. It’s not doing things for the short term, and trying to ensure longevity. I want Tahche to be around for another 30 years.”


As Tahche operates in the recruitment industry, understanding and catering to the needs of both clients and applicants are pivotal. Asked about his strategy, Bryan shares how his is rooted in empathy, ensuring that Tahche delivers the best for all parties involved. The happiness and success of clients and applicants are fundamental, and achieving this delicate balance is a core principle of Tahche.


“Really, it’s empathy. Trying to make sure that we’re doing the best thing possible for our clients, and the best thing possible for our applicants. The staff that are working for our clients. If they’re happy, then we’re happy. And as they both succeed, that makes us succeed. And I love that. ‘Cause we don’t have a horse in the fight. We really want to support both sides. And that puts us in a great position.”


Moving now to his biggest accomplishment so far, Bryan cites  the happiness of Tahche’s clients and employees. 


“We have an amazing record of success with our clients. Once they come with us, I’m proud to say they don’t leave. I think the same is true with our candidates, our staff. Some of them have had opportunities that the grass is greener, and a lot of them have come back, and that’s a testament to our team and the way we do business.”


A high client retention rate underscores the effectiveness of their services, while the return of staff and candidates reaffirms the strength of Tahche’s business ethos.


Having lived most of his life in the US, Bryan also sheds light on how the shifting perception of Filipino workers within American companies.


“…For the longest time, Filipino workers didn’t have those opportunities. They’re separated by geography, maybe stereotypes. But those are all starting to go away. And as we are able to bring Filipino workers into the offices of American companies, they’ve realized that as well. And I’m really proud to be part of that shift.”


Watch the full interview here.


Bryan Luoma’s Tahche Legacy for the Recruitment Industry


In Bryan Luoma’s journey and Tahche’s growth, we witness the power of compassion, determination, and a long-term vision. It’s a story of not just business success, but also of transformation within the recruitment industry. As Tahche looks to the future, its journey is one of promise, powered by its leaders’ unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and fostering happiness.

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