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RetroGlow: Tahche’s Year-End Party Illuminates Its Past Successes and Future Innovations in 2024

MANDAUE CITY, Philippines, Dec. 16, 2023 – In a spectacular fusion of bygone glamor and futuristic excitement, Tahche recently hosted its much-anticipated year-end party last Dec. 16, 2023 (Saturday) at the APEX Super Club in Mandaue City, Philippines. Themed “RetroGlow,” the night not only celebrated the triumphs of the past but also cast a luminous spotlight on the innovations set to define Tahche’s trajectory in 2024, including the highly anticipated launch of the TAHCHE mobile app.


Employee engagement c/o Chief Happiness Officer


The festivities commenced with a heartfelt welcome speech from Audrey Salinas, the company’s Chief Happiness Officer, paving the way for an unforgettable evening that unfolded with a sumptuous buffet that employees dressed in retro 80’s neon outfits got to enjoy. As a bonus, employees got free drinks in the club, care of Tahche, leading to a celebratory mood throughout the night.


An engaging AVP presentation featuring Tahche highlights through the years were played. Delores Luoma, Tahche Studios Creative Director and wife of Bryan Luoma (CEO of Tahche), also made a special appearance on the big screen. Stephen Shafer, Executive Vice President of Tersus Services, followed as their video messages were played for the employees. 


Retro 80s Fashion best dressed winners


The climax of the night arrived with intermission numbers by the talented winners of Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Tahche from this year’s anniversary party last September, adding a dynamic touch to the celebration. The night, of course, wouldn’t end without the crowning of the best-dressed attendees. Congratulations to Pierre, Vanessa, and Malyn!


Amylene Sy - Country Manager gives closing remarks


As the night concluded, Tahche Country Manager, Amylene Sy, took center stage to deliver closing remarks, emphasizing that the RetroGlow theme was not just a nod to the past; rather it was a beacon illuminating Tahche’s journey from its inception to becoming a trailblazer in recruitment process outsourcing, managed services, and office leasing in the Philippines.


The year-end celebration was more than just a revelry. Beyond the glitz and glamor, it also showed how the heart of Tahche lies in its people—the driving force behind its success. The party showcased not only the company’s achievements but also its vibrant culture and unwavering commitment to exceptional employee engagement and experience.


As the revelry continued late into the night, Tahche rockstars made the most of the APEX Super Club amenities, dancing to and celebrating the successes of 2023 and the years before that, while eagerly anticipating the innovations that will define the company’s future in 2024.


Innovation Takes Center Stage: Tahche’s Vision for 2024 Unveiled


Amidst the glow of neon lights and upbeat tunes, Tahche’s commitment to innovation was palpable. The upcoming launch of the TAHCHE mobile app in 2024, a testament to the company’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve, gave the night a sense of optimistic anticipation. This cutting-edge app is poised to revolutionize the employee and client experience, offering streamlined recruitment and management processes as well as enhanced accessibility, setting the company up for a better and brighter year ahead.


Tahche Mobile App 2024


Tahche’s journey is far from over. In the radiance of the RetroGlow Year-End Party 2023, the company not only celebrated its rich history but also cast a radiant light on the exciting path ahead—a path illuminated by the promise of a technologically advanced and innovative 2024 with the TAHCHE mobile app.


Sign up for an amazing partnership with Tahche this coming 2024, when building a premium team in the Philippines will just be a tap away. 

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