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Change Has Come: Erica Roque, Tahche’s New HR Manager, Champions Collaboration and Partnership

Tahche has welcomed Erica D. Roque as its new Human Resources Manager. Stepping into her role with a clear vision for change and development, Erica is set to revolutionize Tahche’s employee experience.



In her new capacity, Erica will meticulously manage the complete employee lifecycle, from seamless onboarding to smooth offboarding, ensuring an optimal workplace environment. Her strategic move includes bolstering Tahche’s team dynamics and enriching its organizational framework through digitalization, simplification of work processes, and maximization of resources.


Having an extensive HR career spanning over two decades, Erica’s path to Tahche showcases her leadership acumen and her passion for fostering growth. Her most notable accomplishment lies in the transformation of her previous HR team and its ability to thrive under pressure even during recession. It managed exponential growth of full-time employees and Erica received the highest performance rating.



Embracing a nurturing leadership style, Erica plans to instill a unified direction within her team, focusing on learning, growth, and a shared purpose. She envisions a collaborative workspace where every team member understands and contributes to the collective goals, promoting a culture of responsiveness and continuous improvement. All while keeping things fun.


“Happy people are productive people. […] We would like to make fun work, but at the same time, make work fun. And that will be a catalyst of the positive employee experience.” – Erica Roque


Drawing from her background as an industrial engineer, Erica aims to modernize and digitize HR operations, maximizing efficiency and streamlining processes. She emphasizes the importance of simplification, ensuring that every task is approached with precision and purpose.



Erica extends her vision of change to both her current team and Tahche’s employees. She heralds a new era of collaboration and partnership, emphasizing that human capital management is a collective effort that thrives on unity and teamwork.


Addressing Tahche’s valued clients, Erica assures them of positive changes under her leadership, committed to aligning the organization with their needs and preferences.


With Erica Roque at the helm, Tahche’s future shines bright, promising innovation, collaboration, and a workplace that embodies the spirit of partnership, all while embracing the essence of fun and positivity.


If you wish to personally welcome Erica Roque, or for any HR related concerns, you may contact her at

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