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Withstanding Long Term Challenges With The Right Opportunities

COVID may have given us uncertainties, yet it is something we don’t need to fear about. As businesses continue to rise above this tough season, there is a lingering confidence in us that the best has yet to come when we learn to see through the lens of positivity even in the middle of a crisis. 

Bold and competent in her craft, Tahche General Manager Amylene Sy identifies opportune areas that spark the right opportunities that make their work better every single day.   

“As long as you are willing and pursuant to grow, the right opportunities will chase you,” said Sy.

“Withstanding long term challenges requires change and you get that change with the right guidance just like how my parents would guide me whenever I see areas I need to improve on”, she added.

Relentless Optimism

Relentless optimism for the things that drive you is what shifts your focus from the challenge to the goal.

“As general manager, my motivation is to accept challenges, thrive in difficult situations, participate in life’s priceless moments that might not be the norm for some, and create lasting results without the traction,” said Sy.

Passion for People

Passion is fuel for the goal. Passion drives results and a passionate team does not care how long it takes, but cares enough how they want the outcome to be. Passion is not just motivating yourself, but motivating your people as well. When your team is motivated, it’s easier and more productive to work on the tasks at hand because the work environment is cheerful and everybody is willing to cooperate. 

“I motivate my employees by keeping a mindset of ‘what’s in it for them’ instead of ‘what’s in it for me’ especially in tough times like these.  When the worldwide pandemic hit and employee ratios had to be downsized because of negative bottom lines, we made sure that direct action was taken by the executive team to address employee anxiety during uncertain times and that health and safety concerns were attended to.  If we had to let go of an employee, we made sure that assistance was provided to help the employee in the transition.”

“We also ensured that there was ‘business continuity’ amidst the restrictions through work-from-home arrangements with the proper work devices and connection,” added Sy.

Trust For The Long Run

Trust is fragile yet when it is kept for the long run, it becomes a foundation for success.

“As part of the trust given to me by Tahche I always look at the potential and experience of a person and give my trust to the person I delegated the assignment to for the task to be successful,” explained Sy.

“Trust in every member of the team that you work with is the most important.  Our employees are assets that cushion the pressure across the organization. ‘No man is an island’ as they say, so you can’t do all things alone in this world.”

Always Innovating

In a world of instant change, the observe and watch strategy is often overlooked by executives because of the vast amount of work that needs to be done, however, sitting down and determining the problem and doing the research is the best approach to innovating your brand. 

“At Tahche, we do our best to find the best resources to constantly innovate our strategies to match the current temperature of the business that our clients are in,” stated Sy.

“I keep in touch with friends and colleagues in my past roles as they too have moved up the corporate ladder or have established the most profitable businesses.  They are a good resource to learn what is most up-to-date in their respective industries.  A good cup of coffee over a good conversation is more productive than attending a lecture in a classroom, but with the limitations right now of face-to-face conversations, I utilize various online platforms offered for free to avail of what is most essential to the current role that I do to keep my skills updated,” she added.

 “As a member of IT-IBPAP and an active participant of ASIA CEO, I have filled my calendar with activities and events of these renowned organizations to continually keep adept with what is happening in the industry and other business sectors.”

Every business can use different resources to their advantage, but the best businesses use the right opportunities to impact not just themselves, but the rest of the world as well. Create the right opportunities that withstands challenges.

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