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The Top Outsourcing Talents You Need For Your Business

About 1.2 million of the Philippine working population belong to the business processing  outsourcing industry with 60% of the business processing outsourcing services consumed by the U.S. and the other percentage used by Australia and the United Kingdom.

Some of the most in-demand business processing outsourcing services in the Philippines include administration, information technology, software development, engineering, accounting, customer service, marketing and design. 

Outsourcing rates in the Philippines are based on flat rates plus Philippine government mandated benefits such as 13th month pay or one-twelfth (1/12) of the basic salary of an employee within a calendar year, Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and Pag-IBIG Home Development Fund. Filipino workers are also entitled to public and regular holidays pay. 

Information Technology

Flat rates would depend on the level of experience the outsourced worker has. The highest paid workers belong to the information technology field holding positions like I.T. Support, Helpdesk Support, Systems Admin, Network Admin, I.T. Data Analyst and QA Tester. Entry level I.T. workers receive around ₱18,000-₱35,000 while mid-level I.T. workers ₱24,000-₱50,000 and senior level receive ₱31,000-₱100,000.

Development and Accounting

The second highest earners are in the development and accounting fields. Full stack developers and developers for WordPress, .Net, Magneto, C#, Netsuite, Salesforce, UI/UX, Front-end and other software developers earn around ₱20,000-₱35,000 (entry level), ₱31,000-₱60,000 (mid-level) and ₱41,000-₱110,000. Accounting outsourcing rates in the Philippines also range from ₱18,000-₱40,000 (entry level), ₱23,000-₱60,000 (mid-level) and ₱31,000-₱100,000 (senior level).


Third in rank are the marketers earning up to ₱60,000 for PPC Specialists and Digital Marketers in the senior level. Other marketer positions include SEO Specialist, Content Writer and Marketing Assistant. Entry level marketers earn from ₱18,000-₱27,000 while mid-level marketers earn ₱24,000-₱40,000.


Fourth are the engineers with salaries of up to ₱55,000 for project managers in the senior level, ₱18,000-₱25,000 for entry level and ₱23,000-₱40,000 for mid-level. Other positions in engineering include Civil Engineer/Estimator, AutoCAD Designer, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Revit Drafter.


Next is Administration with salaries of up to ₱60,000 for HR Specialist in the senior level. Other positions involved in administration include Admin Support, Executive Assistant, Data Entry Specialist, Lead Generation Specialist and Property Management Admin. Entry level admin positions receive ₱18,000-₱25,000 monthly while mid-level positions range from ₱23,000-₱37,000 depending on skills.


Second to the last would be Design with salaries of up to ₱50,000 for senior level Web Designers. Other positions also include Graphic Designer, Modeler and Video Editor. Entry level design workers receive ₱18,000-₱30,000 while mid-level design workers receive ₱21,000-₱38,000.


Lastly, Sales or customer service receive up to ₱35,000 for senior level. Positions in sales also include Customer Service Representative, Sales Support Coordinator, Telemarketer and Claims Administrator. Their salaries range from ₱16,000-₱20,000 for entry level and ₱21,000-₱27,000 for mid-level.

Best Part About Outsourcing In The Philippines

A month’s wages in the Philippines is actually a week’s wages in AUD or USD. ₱100,000 is equal to $635 AUD and $460 USD which means bigger savings for your company. 

Aside from this, work experience is going up. More multi-skilled individuals are competing in the BPO industry giving your outsourced office more edge and faster productivity. However, to get quality talent, you need a topnotch HR outsourcing firm that will cater not only to your talent needs but to other outsourcing office requirements as well. 

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