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Bryan Luoma, CEO, and Tahche, Featured in MoneySense Magazine

For many entrepreneurs, business is all about making money. But for Bryan Luoma, the founder and CEO of Tahche, business is about more than just that. In his interview with MoneySense, he shares about blending his deeply rooted values with his business acumen to create a company that is both successful and socially responsible.


A Foundation of Respect and Empowerment


In the MoneySense feature, Bryan reflects on his upbringing in Northern Minnesota, where he witnessed a fervent desire among workers to be respected and honored, not just within their work environment but also in every facet of their lives. This aspiration for fairness and positivity became the cornerstone of his business philosophy, ultimately steering him toward creating Tahche.



Elevating Global Opportunities and Cultivating Excellence and Innovation


Bryan also talks about his commitment to excellence and innovation, which is evident in Tahche’s human-centric culture where both client and employee are able to reap benefits from the business relations. The company’s success hinges on the exceptional outcomes delivered by a talented, well-compensated team focused on creative solutions tailored to each client’s needs. This commitment took center stage during the pandemic, showcasing Tahche’s resilience and adaptability to remote work as it became the new norm.


Navigating challenges with strategic ingenuity, Bryan ensured that Tahche continued to meet evolving client and employee demands during the pandemic. The company’s ability to scale solutions and provide flexible approaches cemented its status as an agile and reliable business partner. Through leadership, Bryan forged global, local, and internal collaborations, fostering an open, helpful environment that fuels creativity and innovation within Tahche.



With an eye on market trends, technological advancements, and employee needs, the company’s foundation of excellence, innovation, and human-centeredness positions it for continued success. 


A Story Worth Telling


The MoneySense feature offers a compelling glimpse into the journey of Bryan Luoma and Tahche. Fueled by a keen understanding of human empathy and a passion for business, both man and business serve as trustworthy partners for organizations looking to grow in the Philippines, and an inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs.



To read the full feature, get your copy of the MoneySense magazine here.


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