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Tahche’s Internship Program: Training Filipino Students to Become Top Notch Professionals

Given the extremely competitive job market, gaining valuable work experience before graduation has become increasingly crucial for students aiming to secure their dream careers. 


Recognizing this need and as part of its social responsibility and ESG initiatives, Tahche, in collaboration with the University of San Carlos and the University of San Jose Recoletos, has come up with an internship program for students in Cebu. This initiative aims to support aspiring Filipino students in their journey towards career success, offering them an opportunity to hone their skills and prepare for a bright future even before they graduate.


Internship Program in the Philippines: Testimonials Speak Volumes


Meet Alexa, Frechie, and Lucille, three ambitious BS Accountancy students from the University of San Carlos who had the privilege of being part of Tahche’s internship program. Their heartfelt testimonials attest to the transformative experience they gained during their time with the company.



Alexa describes her journey at Tahche as a fortunate opportunity to delve into real-world disbursement functions. Despite initial hardships, she embraced the program with enthusiasm and emerged with newfound knowledge and virtual working skills that will undoubtedly aid her as she continues to pursue her career.



Frechie reflects on her internship journey with Tahche as one for the books. The practical experience she received, combined with genuine work responsibilities, gave her the confidence that she can, indeed, thrive in her chosen field. Thanks to Tahche, she not only gained invaluable knowledge but also enjoyed a fun and rewarding experience.



Lucille highlights the practical skills she acquired handling petty cash funds and serving a US-based client, giving her an idea of how things work beyond the classroom lectures. Her internship also exposed her to accounting software like QuickBooks, a standard in the accounting industry, providing her with a competitive edge as she approaches graduation.


A Human-Centric Internship Program


At Tahche’s internship program, we go beyond developing technical skills as we also put emphasis on the human element. Interns are treated as valued team members, and their growth and well-being are prioritized. The company fosters a smart yet friendly environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and learn. This approach helps instill confidence and nurtures a sense of belonging, ultimately enabling interns to flourish in their roles.


Making a Difference in Filipino Communities


Tahche’s internship program is not just about individual growth; it also seeks to make a positive impact in local communities. By collaborating with renowned universities like the University of San Carlos and the University of San Jose Recoletos, Tahche opens doors to quality training for talented students who may not have had such opportunities otherwise. This support not only empowers the students to get better job offers after graduation, but also uplifts their families and communities as a result of their thriving future careers.


Tap into Tahche’s Internship Program


Businesses looking to gain the full offshore business experience, complete with CSR initiatives, can collaborate with Tahche and establish their own internship programs in the Philippines. Through our partnership, businesses can access a pool of skilled and motivated interns, while also contributing to the local community efforts.



Tahche’s internship program is a shining example of how businesses can contribute to the betterment of society by nurturing young talents. By empowering Filipino students with invaluable work experience, Tahche helps bridge the gap between academia and industry, allowing students to chase their dreams with confidence. Together, we can shape a brighter future for the Filipino youth and create a positive impact in the communities we serve.


If you’re interested in collaborating with Tahche for your very own internship program, contact your Client Success representative. 


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