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The Sarimanok Painting Unveiled at Tahche’s 10th Anniversary

Tahche’s CEO and Founder Bryan Luoma unveiled the Sarimanok painting that adorns the lobby of Tahche’s new office at 1Nito Tower in Cebu City, Philippines during the 10th year anniversary and office opening event held last 8th of September 2022.



The Sarimanok is a legendary creature symbolizing the rich culture of the Maranao (“people of the lake”), an indigenous group of people in Mindanao, the Southern part of the Philippines, where Tahche was born. 


Sarimanok came from the words sari which means “various” and manok which originally means “bird”. It is widely featured in Maranao art and local folklore and has since spread across the country. According to one legend, it is said to have been sculpted by a prince who fell in love with a moon goddess. He then challenged his creation to fly him to the moon so he could be with her, and the Sarimanok came to life. Adorned with the most beautiful feathers, it flew the prince to the moon to be with his beloved.  


The artwork depicts a bird with colorful wings and a feathered tail —holding a fish with its toes. The choice and variety of colors and patterns used in the artwork showcase a style that is uniquely Filipino.


Sarimanok is personally commissioned by Bryan to pay tribute to his family heritage. It is also a symbol of his vision for Tahche —to showcase Filipino talents and abilities to the world and to provide opportunities for Filipinos to reach their dreams, much like the prince in the legend. 


About the artist


Charlie Val is an award-winning artist who has tons of experience under his belt. He is a member of Grupo Sining Angono and a former member of the Angono Ateliers. Charlie has been creating portraits, paintings, and sculptures for over three decades. His creations represent the expressions, nuances, and stories of everyday life.


Charlie is the epitome of a self-taught artist, who, after getting introduced to his muse, decided to become a full-time artist in 1990. Over the years, he has meticulously developed his micro-squared impressionism style which made him distinct from his peers. His signature style is arduously done; beautiful, and unique. He has participated in various art exhibitions featuring this distinctive style and has captured the interests of savvy buyers who love his unusual brushstrokes.



Charlie’s art interprets an intersection between two schools of thought—the Botong-inspired and the contemporary and modern milieu in Angono aesthetics. He may vacillate every once in a while, but in the end, his choice is what art is. And that is the essence and beauty of creation, after all—having the right and freedom to what an artist wants to see on his canvas.

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