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From Old to Bold: The Journey of Tahche’s New Logo

Tahche has just revealed its brand new logo, our first redesign in 10 years. This new design keeps all the elements that make Tahche so unique, but gives it a modern and sleek update. It’s also a symbol of an exciting time for Tahche as we’re gearing up to bring even better services to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world.


In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what inspired our new logo and what it means for Tahche and our customers.


The Inspiration Behind the New Look


The new logo has a sleek and modern design that still embodies the spirit of Tahche. The updated globe symbolizes our global reach and represents the companies we serve. The cheetah, which is our namesake, has been given a fresh look and continues to represent Tahche’s F.A.S.T. culture – Focus, Agility, Speed, and Trust. The connection of the globe and cheetah reflects our goal of connecting Filipino talent with global opportunities.



And here’s a fun fact for you – the ten spots on the cheetah represent the 10 years of hard work and dedication from everyone at Tahche, which has made this exciting new chapter in our business possible.


The primary colors of blue and yellow were inspired by the Philippine flag and symbolize our roots and commitment to the Filipino people. The blue represents stability, intelligence, and trustworthiness, while the yellow represents optimism and creativity. These colors, combined with the sleek and modern design, create a logo that is both recognizable and reflective of Tahche’s unique personality.


The Logo and What it Means for Tahche


Our new logo signifies a new chapter in the Tahche story. It represents our commitment to continuously improving our services to businesses and talents by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. From finding and onboarding the best talent, to keeping our clients and employees happy, to providing world-class facilities for our teams, our journey is never-ending.


The Future of Tahche


The new logo is just the start of great things to come in 2023. We’re working on a number of initiatives to improve our services for both our clients and employees. In just a few months, we’ll be launching a new mobile and web app that will make it even easier for businesses and talents to work with us.


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