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Nearly Home-Alone: The Story behind Tahche’s First Ever Christmas get-together in Manila

It was already 30 minutes past call time, and the service crew still outnumbers the partygoers.  The attendees can each occupy a table of eight by their lonesome. It was a tense situation for the Tahche Support Team,  who spent weeks preparing for this event.  As if taking a cue from a Netflix drama flick, it then started to rain hard,  threatening to escalate the already heavy Saturday night traffic in the metro to a no-man’s land gridlock.   


The management team flew in just for the event to finally meet Tahche team members based in Metro Manila and the surrounding regions. They spent the day (and night before) working away business as usual at the venue while making time to prepare and get dressed in a Netflix-themed outfit. It was Tahche’s FIRST-EVER Christmas and Year-end get-together outside Cebu City after all.  Though the crackling sound of thunder and heavy raindrops continue to fill the party halls of the venue, the mood remains positive for everyone already in attendance. Nothing can rain down on Tahche’s parade.


An hour in, the rain slowed down to a drizzle. Guests and team members start to fill in the venue.  It is practically the 1st time most of the team members have seen each other in person (zoom-calls are the norm in the last 2 years for most of us), yet every interaction seems like friends and families seeing each other after years apart!   It is hard to imagine that an hour ago, nearly everyone in the room would not recognize one another outside. 



We have team members who traveled for more than 5 hours and crossed state lines (provincial lines in the Philippines) just to be there. Several people came in wet from the heavy downpour outside. And they’re still dressed up in their favorite Netflix characters!  


The night was filled with overflowing food, a signature of every Tahche get-together. Tim, Tahche’s Head of People and Culture, led the activities after the hearty dinner. Everyone was singing and dancing in no time, despite not having any alcohol on the menu. 


No Philippine Christmas party is complete without participants performing, and impromptu presentations capped the night with everyone playing a role. Despite this “dreaded”  feature of a Filipino party, everyone’s dignity remained intact afterward. =) 


It was an intimate and highly engaging evening for the nearly thirty Tahche Manila and Luzon team members who made it that night.  Every single Tahche team member went home with prizes and gifts, and hopefully a lasting memory of a fun-filled night with their Tahche family.  


Sharing below comments from some of our Manila team members:


Had fun during our party! The program make it look like we have known each other for a long time. Looking forward for next year!

-Aljay Laurel



-John Sityar


It was a fun night and great to meet our management, HR team, and other employees from other account – we clicked right away and good thing we all love food and coffee 🙂

-Marge Pableo


Shoutout to the facilitators of the party proceeding as they were able to keep the party intimate and fun. It is humbling to see how the admin and managers interact with you as they talk to each and every Tahche staff and employees who attended the party.

-Jaime Danilo


Had a wonderful time yesterday! It was indeed a pleasure meeting and actually bonding with the TahChe management and colleagues. Thank you for the amazing gifts! And by the way, delicious food.

-Sharron Shaddoud


The party was full of fun activities. I enjoyed seeing everyone in a festive mood.

-Jhayzel Diaz


The Christmas party was outstanding. The decorations were beautiful, and made the venue seem so festive and warm. The food was so well thought out.

-Rhandy Tolentino


Probably the most intimate and most inclusive office yearend party i have ever attended to date!

-Abyy Junio


Thanks Tahche! Hope to see more Rockstars next year! Merry Christmas!

-Bonnalyn Geronaga


I had an amazing time at the party. Everybody socialized, we played party games, danced and had a lot of fun throughout the evening. The best part was the fact that everyone was happy and each of us received a gift.

-Mary Jane Robosa


I had a great time chatting with coworkers who were working with other clients, as well as some members of the management team. One thing that surprised me was that they knew me by name. I know we are not that many at the event, but that is something. I wish there were more photos to be uploaded (I’m still waiting for my photos) Also, thank you Ms. Cheenee for answering my call when I got lost in the hotel lobby. (Fun fact: the receptionist was unaware that our company was holding an event at their hotel, which is why I thought of calling you).

-Vohn Henry Villadolid


I appreciated the management’s time to fly from Cebu. it was really nice to meet them. Also, they were very accommodating especially when I arrived soaking wet because of the rain (Madames MJ, Tim, Amy) hehe.

-Ten Guatno


A night full of fun and surprises.

-Tom Harvey Blanca


Christmas party was fun! All of them are very warm, approachable, and really fun to be with. Looking forward to attend event like this in Tahche.

-Jeimie Franco


Cheers for all the numerous alignments, meetings, brainstormings, challenges, team work, negotiations and extra miles, it was indeed a success and we made it to the end of the party!


To many more engagements to come! We are very grateful for the Management Team who continuously supports and appreciates us every step of the way.


I hope that on our future endeavors, we will improve the quality of the concepts, programs, contents and strategies to always provide and ensure the goals and essence of Tahche.


We will strive to do our best and produce result-oriented engagements and leadership skills towards long-term opportunities to the employees of Tahche to have a greater impact as we represent the company.

-Cheenee Juanchon








Check out the snaps from the event here: Tahche LinkedIn Post

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