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How to Hire a Publicist


What Does a Publicist Do?


A Publicist works to tell your story and improve your brand image through effective publicity campaigns, media coverage, media interactions, and narrative crafting.


Advantages of Having a Publicist


Define your brand story, amplify it, and get it heard the way you want it heard. 


A good Publicist has a wide network of media contacts and specializes in coming up with compelling narratives. They are able to create media kits, coordinate with PR firms in sending out press releases, arrange for press conferences, put together media campaigns, and manage the public image of your brand through media interactions, including on social media, keeping it positive and profitable. They play a crucial role in enhancing your brand’s reputation and visibility, ensuring your story resonates with the target audience.


Qualifications to look for


They should possess:


Media Relations: Strong relationships with media outlets and the ability to secure positive coverage.


Storytelling Skills: Exceptional storytelling abilities to create compelling narratives that resonate with the audience.


Crisis Management: Experience in handling crises and managing public relations during challenging situations.


Research Skills: Ability to conduct market research to understand how to manipulate perception and reactions effectively. 


Industry Knowledge: Understanding of industry trends and effective public relations strategies.


Can I hire a Publicist in the Philippines with Tahche? 


Tahche can hire you a skilled Publicist in the Philippines who will know your brand story inside and out in no time! The Philippines is known for its amazing English-speaking skills and Western influence, making their professionals here at par with their U.S. counterparts. Add to that Filipinos’ innate drive to succeed and their amazing work ethic, and you got a recipe for success. 


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