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How Job Hopping Can Affect Yours and Others’ Reputation

Job hopping has been a common practice by the younger generation. It can do more damage than good if you leave too early in your job position. It’s normal for workers to move from one career to another, but when is really the right time?

Here’s how job-hopping can affect yours and others’ reputation.

What Is Job Hopping?

Job hopping means spending less than 2 years in a company in search for a higher salary. It is literally bouncing from one company to another in the hopes of better benefits. Sadly, 64% of workers agree to job-hop, but 44% of CFOs said they won’t likely hire a candidate with a history of job hopping for fear of losing them according to a PR Newswire Survey.

Why Do People Hop From One Job to Another

While it’s not a bad idea to find a better opportunity, leaving too soon can create misinterpretations. Most employers are looking for commitment for the long run to give value to the resources they’ve spent on recruitment. Research also mentioned that 75% of millennial employees prefer job-hopping as it would benefit their careers. Others find job-hopping essential after failing to adjust to the company’s expectations or environment.

The Gig Economy and Transition of Jobs

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Since the pandemic, millennials have been relying on the gig economy which consists of short-term sideline jobs where they can earn extra income. Few of these positions include ridesharing and delivery drivers and freelance creatives. This has also been a way for workers to recover financially from the pandemic. On the other hand, most people transitioning jobs indicates a strong economy because people can leave their current jobs without worrying about the pay according to Tara Sinclair from Indeed Jobs.

How Can Job Hopping Affect My Reputation?

There are upsides but there are also huge downsides to job-hopping and one of these is distrust from future employers. It also means that your ability to commit to a job is also questioned. Apart from this, not only does it affect your reputation, it also collectively refers to the general Filipino worker as unreliable. However, there is a way to change that.

How Can I Stay Passionate and Committed In My Current Job?

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Being thankful for the little things is the first step to keeping that passion in your job. Besides this, learning and applying something new in the workplace enhances your career. A strong support system at work where you can practice teamwork, cooperation and accountability can help you stay committed at work. Overall, communication between workers and the management is the best strategy to resolving any concerns whether it be compensation or working conditions.

Go ahead and be the best worker there is! Remember to be thankful, learn, practice and communicate in every aspect of the job.

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