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Everything you need to know about outsourcing your customer support teams

Today, outsourcing is not just about reducing your work and helping your business scale faster, but also enhancing the experience for your customers.


What is customer service outsourcing?


Customer service outsourcing is a business approach of contracting out a portion of your customer service operations to an outsourcing partner. 


Outsourcing provides the standard of service support at a lower cost, with the extra advantages of flexibility and scalability.


Why do companies outsource their customer service teams?


Today, outsourcing customer service is a common move. In fact, more than 68% of companies in the US, including small and medium-sized businesses, outsource their services to other countries.


It is considered the best option for businesses that are growing and, at the same time, want to keep timely and high-quality customer service. 


A company’s decision to outsource its customer support teams could be of several factors. Maybe you’re a new player with limited staff and budget looking to grow; maybe you want to focus on your core business and your current arrangement isn’t allowing you to do so, or maybe you want to boost your customer support offerings. Whatever the reason, outsourcing your customer support can be a highly flexible proposition that you can adjust depending on your unique support requirements and strategy.


What are the advantages of customer service outsourcing?






Is outsourcing customer service teams a good idea for my business?


Outsourcing people to manage your customer service is a good alternative to hiring an in-house support team. This is particularly beneficial and a viable solution especially for startups.


If you’re still thinking about whether to consider outsourcing or not, think of it this way: Imagine your business with a limited number of staff and half of their time in the office is spent handling customer inquiries and calls. What happens there? The core functions of your business are compromised. But what if you outsource? Think of the long-term result and benefits it offers.


Businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, always need to consider the most cost-efficient yet effective approach to grow. Outsourcing is a great option that will help you maximize your expenses and guarantee a return on investment.



If you want to find an outsourcing partner that can help you grow your customer support teams, call us today and we’ll find a solution that works for you!

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