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Equipping Your HR for a Powerhouse Work Culture

CEO Biz reports that it would cost 200% of a highly skilled and trained employees’ salary to replace them. While says that 43% of employees are looking to leave their current jobs because of an unsatisfactory work culture. 

The modern-day workforce needs a powerhouse work culture for both employee and business growth. With this, Human Resources (HR) needs to step up and consider values and strategies to boost employee retention and create a work culture that keeps the best interests of everyone in the business. 

Hiring The Right Fit

One of the few best practices that enhance the work culture of your company according to Tahche HR Head Roxanne Fuentes is hiring the right fit. 

The best talents are not necessarily the smartest, the most talented or the most excellent communicators, but the ones who can support the vision and mission of the company and wholeheartedly believe in the values of the company,” said Fuentes.

Coaching Novice HR Professionals

“I consider coaching to be powerful enough for effectively managing a team of novice HR professionals who have the potential. HR coaching provides in-depth training and experience. I also believe in experiential learning and I always give my team members their own pace to learn, adjust, develop and grow. After all, ‘No amount of telling people what to do can compare to the results when people discover things for themselves’”, explained Fuentes.

Conflict Resolution

There’s always a tug-of-war between giving warnings or suspensions and showing empathy towards employees who are in conflict with company rules. The best approach for conflict resolution hearing both sides of the story and working to understand the position of conflicting parties.

“I’ve handled various conflicts and issues within the organization and each employee-related case is unique. If I were to cite a few significant ones, those were superior-subordinate conflicts and usually personal problems or personality issues which led to conflicts that we have to deal with fairly,” said Fuentes.

Teamwork For Positive Results

“I am very much result-oriented. I do not count the hours put in to get things done, but I look at the output and not just the result of the task but the correct, well thought-out result of every task completed.”

Tahche uses a project management tool to keep track of team deliverables for smooth communication and coordination. 

Constant Learning

More than just gaining insight, the HR industry is an evolving discipline that needs an up-to-date skill set, relevant connections and the influence of strong mentors. 

“Knowledge alone won’t make a great HR professional; HR requires optimal performance with the right set of skills. Empathic skills matched with firmness is considered a crucial people skill that every great HR professional should have,” said Fuentes.

Fuentes has been involved in several HR groups such as the Facilitators Circle, a SEC-registered professional organization in the Philippines which aims to enhance individual skills and of others in the field of facilitating. Aside from this, she is an active member of the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and became a committee in Membership and Fellowship of PMAP in her early career and has facilitated a number of Leadership and Teambuilding activities for various companies.

She also has a badge as a Certified HR Professional from the International Federation of Professional Managers. Most recently, she was welcomed as the newest member of the Institute of Certified Management Consultant graduates where she gained a deeper insight into the field of consultancy. 

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