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Outsourcing and the Creation of Modern Filipino Heroes

We are witnessing the birth of modern Filipino heroes, and you might not even know it. 


When we bring up the subject of heroes today , the spotlight typically falls on fictional characters with extraordinary powers found in comic books or the silver screen.


Traditionally, on the other hand, the title of “hero” has been given to freedom fighters, explorers, and thinkers who defied conventions and blazed new trails. Fast forward to the present, and the pantheon of heroes has expanded to include the likes of medical pioneers, environmental activists, and social justice advocates.


Interestingly, the Philippines has recently birthed a new kind of modern Filipino hero. And these heroes are not scripted in comic books or film, nor are they your typical title holders. They have been created against the backdrop of business, where outsourcing has transformed into an economic superpower.


Filipino Offshore Workers are the Future’s Heroes


We stand at the threshold of a new breed of heroes, emerging from an unexpected source—the realm of outsourcing. 



Filipino offshore workers don’t sport capes, but their impact is no less remarkable within the Philippine community. No, they are not embroiled in epic battles. And no, they are not scaling uncharted peaks — at least physically. Instead, they navigate the virtual realms of customer service, IT innovation, digital marketing, among others. Their superpowers are forged through expertise, dedication, and the ability to seamlessly bridge cultures and time zones.


These over 1.3 million modern Filipino heroes’ hard work in the outsourcing industry has contributed about 8% to the country’s GDP. Not only that, but the BPO industry accounts for 33% of the overall exports of goods and services.


Through their work, they are able to provide the Filipino community with more resources that the government can use to improve roads, waterways, infrastructure, health care, and more in the country.


Closer to home, they are modern Filipino heroes for their families who they are able to provide for, especially with the competitive rates the BPO industry is able to provide Filipinos. Outsource salary rates are considered high in the Philippines versus local rates, but outsourcing remains a cost effective solution for foreign countries like the US and the UK which both have comparatively higher salary rates than the Philippines. 


Modern Filipino Heroes for International Businesses


Of course, we can’t forget the actual recipients of these hard working heroes’ efforts and expertise — international businesses.



For international businesses experiencing difficulties in building their teams and finessing business operations, outsourced Filipino workers come to the rescue.


They are well-educated professionals that are able and willing to fill skill gaps and offer exceptional front-end and back-end services for businesses.


Filipinos are also well-versed in Western culture due to close ties with the US and globalization, able to speak English and can adjust US work culture like it’s natural.


And with a company like Tahche providing them with the proper tools and management locally, they are able to do business with their clients at peak performance. 


Be the Hero to Modern Filipino Heroes — Hire Offshore!


When you outsource work to the Philippines through Tahche, you become heroes to the modern Filipino workers. 



It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Not only are you able to optimize your business processes with exceptional talent vetted for by Tahche, but you are also able to maximize business operations budget. All while your offshore team in the Philippines get to enjoy the benefits of proper management and international opportunities that are able to uplift their standard of living. 


Build your business as you build the Filipino community one offshore employee at the time. 


Be a modern hero! Contact us today and hire offshore. 

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