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How To Convince Clients To Outsource In The Philippines

More and more businesses are strategizing economically to save their business from the current financial crisis and this means outsourcing with the lowest and sustainable investments possible. As a primary outsourcing hub, the Philippines offers these kinds of investments and more.

Get To Know PH’s Business Climate

Overseas I.T. workers with high-value work skills and experience have returned to the Philippines because of the pandemic and are currently seeking positions in the BPO industry to support their financial needs, this is an opportunity for businesses. It would be a good idea to invest in these rich pools of talents. The Philippines under the build, build program of its government have also opened nine top I.T. centers across the country, easing the need for business startups and existing companies to expand at minimal costs.

Determine and Engage Client Needs

            Get to know what their business is to know what it is that their business needs.  If you find that they lack something in a specific area don’t be afraid to point it out. Tell them what you can do and what will happen if they decide to engage your services. Clients will hire you when they know that you understand them.

Enumerate the Benefits

             After getting to know your clients, go to the specifics and inform them of what you have to offer for their needs.

            Generally, a lot of companies outsource towards the Philippines because of the competitive workforce. In terms of language, the Philippines ranks fourth in the world with the most English proficient workforce because 92% of the population can write and speak English proficiently. So, there definitely is no problem in terms of language barriers.      

          Provide your clients as well with a quick computation on the total costs it will entail to engage your services, show them how much they can save when it comes to outsourcing compared to actually hiring in-house employees especially during this time. Studies have shown that outsourcing to a country like the Philippines will be 50% to 80% cheaper than actually hiring their own employees.

 Show them what you got

            Last but not the least, make the client trust you; show them what you will be bringing to the table. Draft a skeletal output that will help with what the client needs for his business, this will serve as a quick preview of what you can do.

The Government of the Philippines is protective of the outsourcing industry and assures investors that they are well protected. In fact, the Philippines has the Data Privacy Act of 2012, which is a law that the BPO industry strictly abides by. Under this law, personal and sensitive information must be kept confidential in fear of prosecution.  

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