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In a world where efficiency and talent know no borders, offshoring has become the game-changer for US SMBs. Join us on this podcast episode as we delve into the seismic shift towards hiring remote employees and how it’s reshaping the business landscape.


Global giants leading the way


Discover how major US businesses have long embraced offshoring, leveraging top-notch employees while reducing costs. Now, thanks to the digital age and a pandemic-induced paradigm shift, even smaller enterprises can tap into this strategy. Companies like Tahche are at the forefront, providing flexible solutions tailored to your needs.


Economic forces driving the trend


Explore the factors fueling the offshoring surge, from rising leasing costs and skill gaps to the unaffordability of local talent. Uncover offshoring’s myriad of advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, a broader talent pool, and easy access to global talent through recruitment process outsourcing.


The Philippine offshoring advantage


Take a closer look at the Philippines as an offshoring hub. Discover the unbeatable combination of cost savings, a top-notch talent pool, English proficiency, timezone adaptability, and cultural alignment. Learn why the Philippines stands out, especially in comparison to other offshoring destinations.


Addressing offshoring concerns head-on


Facing common offshoring concerns? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s navigating labor laws, business requirements, or remote management challenges, this episode outlines it all. 


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