The State of the Philippine Outsourcing Industry With Bryan Luoma and Prof. Alvin Ang

Join CEO Bryan Luoma and renowned economist Dr. Alvin Ang in an eye-opening interview as they delve deep into the dynamics of the Philippine outsourcing industry. 


With over a decade of experience, Bryan Luoma brings invaluable insights into reshaping the outsourcing landscape for the better. Dr. Alvin Ang, a respected economic expert in the Philippines, provides critical analysis and perspectives on the industry’s impact on the Filipino community.


Outsourcing, offshoring, and everything in between


The outsourcing sector in the Philippines is not just about call center jobs—it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that significantly contributes to the country’s GDP. But amidst its growth, questions arise: How has the industry affected Filipinos and their communities? Are opportunities limited to call center roles? Discover the answers to these pressing questions and more as Bryan and Dr. Alvin shed light on the positive effects of the BPO industry, its challenges, and the evolving global competitiveness of Filipino professionals.


In this enlightening discussion, you can also explore Tahche’s mission to revolutionize remote recruitment, providing Filipinos across the nation with diverse career opportunities beyond traditional BPO roles. Learn about Tahche’s innovative offshoring approach, including the upcoming launch of TAHCHE, an all-in-one platform designed to streamline job search and empower professionals to secure meaningful employment.


From reducing unemployment to envisioning better career prospects, Tahche is committed to supporting Filipino professionals every step of the way. It  serves as a trusted partner in navigating the mercurial job market and adapting to the future of work. 


Join the conversation and be part of the journey towards a brighter future for the Philippine labor force. Don’t miss out on this interview! Watch now and unlock the potential for transformation!


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