How to handle a BAD REVIEW from a former employee

In this episode of the “Philippine Business Playbook” podcast, Bryan tackles a very challenging issue: handling negative reviews from former employees. 


Did you know that bad reviews can actually be beneficial for your business? Stay tuned to find out how.


Why Former Employees Leave Negative Feedback


Bad reviews aren’t just harsh words; they’re insights into an ex-employee’s experience. Negative feedback often stems from disgruntlement, emotional venting, or an honest desire to help others avoid a similar situation. Understanding these motivations can help you address the root causes effectively.


How to Respond Strategically to Bad Reviews


Timely and professional responses are key. Acknowledge the review publicly, apologize if necessary, and use calm, neutral language. Show empathy without being defensive and highlight positive actions you’re taking to address the concerns. A thoughtful response can turn a negative into a positive.


Turning Criticism into Improvement


Bad reviews can be a catalyst for change. Address specific concerns, implement necessary changes, and monitor review sites regularly to ensure continuous improvement. Use the feedback to make your company better and show that you value employee input.


Building a Positive Reputation


Prevention is better than cure. Building a positive company culture is essential for maintaining a good reputation. However, when faced with a bad review, respond calmly, strategically, and work on improving the employee experience. This not only helps in damage control but can also enhance employee retention.


Remember, a bad review isn’t the end—it’s a chance to learn, adapt, and thrive. Check out your business reviews and turn them into growth opportunities. 


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